How to Get Government Farm Grants For Women

In order to encourage and support women’s venture in the field of agriculture U.S. government, especially the USDA or The United States Department of Agriculture provide the Government Farm Grants For Women. Follow the article to get ideas on how to get a farm grant for women.

Government Farm Grants For Women

Steps to Get Government Farm Grants For Women

  • The first step is to decide the purpose of the grant application. Make sure you have already figure out what will you do with the grant money before you apply for it. The usual purpose to apply for a government farm grants for women is for research, education, new product development as well as farming process enhancement through more sophisticated tools.
  • Figure out how you keep the project going after the grant fund provision is no longer available. Government grant or any grant come in a certain amount and limited timeframe just to kick-start the project until it able to look for the fund by itself. Grant provider will choose to award the grant to a project that will be sustainable even after the grant expired.
  • Spend some time and effort to conduct a small research to find every government farm grants for women available in the current calendar year from grant provider organization such as The United States Department of Agriculture or USDA, and its program SARE or Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program. You can find many grant program each year specifically to support and advance research, development and education in the field of agriculture.
  • Visit the organizations’ website to find information about available grant at the current time as well as the types and purposes of project they are supporting.
  • Once you find grants that are suitable for your project, the next step is to check your eligibility and whether you can meet the requirements for the grant or not.
  • If the eligibility and requirement are all ok, then the next step to do is to compose a decent grant proposal following the rule and format have given by the grant provider. Pay attention to this, because there are too many cases of grant application being turned down because the applicant fails to follow the required format or rule from the organization.
  • Check the content. The grant proposal has to contain the project purpose and description, the background motive, positive effect on the community as well as the projection on how the project will be funded after the grant period is over.
  • Check and revise your proposal. Make sure that you compose the proposal by using clear, concise and simple language. Don’t forget to check if there’s any grammatical mistake or typo that will damage the granter impression on you and jeopardize the chance of your project to be awarded the grant.
  • The last step to get grants for women farmers is to submit the proposal to the grant provider organization. Pay attention to the deadline and make sure that all required attachments are complete.