How to Get Environmental Sustainability Grants

Environmental Sustainability Grants – Environment is important to support human life, without it human race will cease to exist, yet the awareness and effort to sustain the environment are still lacking. Therefore to encourage research and effort to sustain environmental stability the environmental sustainability grants are awarded. The research effort on environmental sustainability often has difficulty to gather investor and funding because it is deemed to be a high-cost low-income project in the short term. Therefore to ensure the effort are not getting discouraged when the trustees of a private foundation and the policymakers in government who aware of these issues are looking to help support the research effort by providing the fund through the environmental sustainability grants.

Environmental Sustainability Grants

There are many issues to address regarding environmental sustainability and each grants provider usually addresses a particular issue. So in order to get the grant to fund your research, you must first know which institution, foundation or organization that provides grant for your field of research. Here we will provide you with some information about some foundations that offer environmental sustainability grants, such as:

  1. State Grant programs: In the public sector, the concerned party on the environmental issue is not only the federal government but also the state government. They offer a wide range of grant programs in order to help their local communities achieve sustainability. The state grant programs are intended mostly to address the issue of weatherizing facilities and energy efficiency by awarding it to homeowners, business, and non-profit organization with the effort on those issues. The grants programs are usually awarded through community or utility organization. Example of the state grant program, such as:
  • New York’s Assisted Home Performance Grants program: The grants are targeted mostly to families with low income looking to weatherize and improve their home in order to reduce energy usage.
  • Illinois’s Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Construction Program: These particular grants are awarded to non-profit social service organizations that are looking to provide the communities with energy efficient houses.
  1. Rural Energy Assistance Program or REAP: Through the signing of the Farm Bill in 2002 the Rural Energy Assistance Program was authorized in order to help farmers and ranchers with projects related to biofuel and energy efficiency. The REAP program offers several methods of financing such as guaranteed loans and sustainability grants which are awarded to small agricultural business in need for financial support on a competitive basis. The amount of award provided for energy efficiency project ranging from $1,500 to $250,000 while for renewable energy project it’s ranging from the minimum of $2,500 up to $500,000.
  2. MacArthur Foundation Grants: The MacArthur Foundation offers grants for sustainability effort including biodiversity protection, effect of climate change as well as deforestation monitoring.
  3. The NSF Grants: The grants are offered to support engineering research with the objective to promote sustainable engineered environment system. For more information about this grants program, you can visit or contact the office by the name of Bruce Hamilton with the e-mail: [email protected] and phone: (703) 292-7066 565 S.

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