Grants for Paramedic Students

Grants for Paramedic Students – There is no doubt that the education cost for higher education in The United States is getting more and more expensive. That goes the same for paramedics. Therefore, getting scholarships, grants or other types of financial assistance for paramedic students would be a great idea. That is why we decided to write this post.


Federal Grants for Paramedic Students

Financial aid is the proof from the government that they do care about its citizen. The program can help higher education to become more affordable for everyone. If you are looking for such program, we highly recommend that you complete your FAFSA first. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

By taking this first step, you will find out your eligibility for the most popular grant available out there, which is the Federal Pell Grant. The Federal Pell Grant is a program for students from low-income families who are struggling to find the financial resources to cover the cost of college education.

The FAFSA system will help the government to see if you’re eligible for any grants they provide, whether it is Pell Grant or the FSOG grant. Many other grant providers prefer to help those who are qualified for either the Pell Grant or the FSEOG grants, therefore getting the Pell or FSEOG grant will increase your chance in getting other grants. This may not be an exclusive grant for the paramedic students, but it is still a great opportunity!

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

Look into this NAEMT association if you’re a paramedic student needing to find financial assistance for paying college. Educational funding is available for paramedic students for up to $5,000, as long as the student is taking an EMT-Paramedic course. You need to write a 1,000 words essay about the reason you need the grant. Complete all of the necessary credentials and submit the application before the deadline.

Carlos Lillo Memorial Paramedic Scholarship

Again, this scholarship is for people who have financial need. Students who are enrolled in an education to become an emergency essay technician are eligible for the scholarship. There’s an essay to do and after you pass the administration filtering you will be interviewed. You also need to be enrolled in an accredited NYS paramedic course to be eligible for this scholarship. It is hoped that the scholarship program will maintain the memory of Carlos Lillo, an emergency medical technician who lost his life in the September 11 attack.


There are many other notable grants for paramedic students and other emergencies medical technician. You can look into your state’s EMT agencies to find if they provide some kind of financial aid for people from low-income families. There’s also the FARE Children’s Scholarship Fund for high school students aspiring to become paramedics or EMT. Children from paramedics and EMT can also benefit from the Bound Tree Legacy scholarship program designed specifically for them.

Remember, getting yourself a skill in the profession will help you in the long run. Even if the cost of education is pretty high, there are financial assistances for paramedic students available, so don’t give up.

Grants for Paramedic Students Provided by Universities

Here are more information about grants available for paramedic students:

Milton DeBrie Memorial Scholarship – Western Dakota College

This scholarship is for students studying to be paramedics, in honor of Milton DeBrie. Milton was the grandfather of a WDT teacher. When he was young, Milton had to pay his parents to replace his work on their farm so he could be the first in his family to graduate high school. He believed education was very important and helped over 250 people go to college with his own money. He only asked them to help others in return.
Scholarship Value: $500

The Minnesota Paramedic Scholarship

The Minnesota Paramedic Scholarship is for people in Minnesota who are studying to become paramedics. It was created in 2023 to help increase the number of paramedics in Minnesota. This scholarship program has $3 million to give out 600 scholarships, each worth $5000, starting in Fall 2024. These scholarships are available until June 30, 2026.

Who can apply? To be eligible, you must be a Minnesota resident and enrolled in a paramedic program. You need to register in paramedic courses to apply for this scholarship. If you have questions about the paramedic program, ask the school you are interested in. For questions about the scholarship, you can contact the Office of Higher Education at or (651) 642-0567, option 2.

The Deb Duethorn Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Deb Duethorn Memorial Scholarship Fund is set up by the Central New York Community Foundation to honor Deb Duethorn, a remarkable young professional from Onondaga County. Deb passed away in the summer of 1996.

She was an amazing registered flight nurse and an outstanding paramedic, giving countless hours of emergency care to her patients. She was the first woman to join the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team and was a brave firefighter with the Belgium Cold Springs Volunteer Fire Department. Deb was also a dedicated teacher, whether at the police academy, in seminars, or in everyday life.

This scholarship has been running since 1999. You can find more information on how to apply at The scholarship is a $1,000 award, available every year from the Central New York Community Foundation. It helps people who are studying to work in fields that Deb cared deeply about: emergency medical service, law enforcement, firefighting, and nursing. Applicants need to explain their dedication to one or more of these fields.

If you live in Cayuga, Cortland, Onondaga, Oswego, or Tompkins counties and want to apply, complete the form and submit the required materials by the deadline.

Ridgewater College Scholarships for Paramedic Students

Ridgewater College is providing Minnesota residents scholarships for about $5,000 each to become licensed paramedics. The college has allocated about $3 million from the 2023 Minnesota Legislature.

Cody Aston, a paramedic instructor at this college, explains this temporary scholarship will solve the critical need for paramedics. In 2023, a Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Task Force was created to study this crisis.

According to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, the one-time legislative appropriation will provide up to 600 scholarships of $5,000 each for students enrolled in paramedic programs starting in Fall 2024. All eligible participants will get the funds in June 2026. Both new students and current paramedic students can apply. The application period starts on January 1.

Eligibility requirements

  • Enroll in one of the eight Minnesota-eligible paramedic programs, like Ridgewater College.
  • A Minnesota resident for state financial aid.
  • Holding a current EMT license.
  • Planning to work as a paramedic in Minnesota.
  • Meeting satisfactory academic progress requirements.

For questions about the scholarship, contact the Office of Higher Education at or 651-642-0567.


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