Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities

Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities – Want to know the best colleges for students with LD? Living with learning disabilities (LD) is troublesome, and most parents think that going to college will put their teens with learning disabilities in a tough position because they will not be able to keep up with the higher education teaching pace. In fact, many families considered to hide the fact that their teen has the LD because they are afraid that the college will refuse the enrollment of their child to the university.

However, this is not a right thing to do. You want to have a college where they accept this disability. Therefore, it is a good idea to disclose the disability right from the start. In fact, it would be even better if you can find colleges that can well accommodate the need of students with LD. Below are several of the colleges you may need to evaluate:


Best Universities or Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

There are hundreds of programs available for LD students, but choosing the best ones is not an easy task. We have enlisted top five colleges for LD students in the United States; I hope this can help any parents out there who are considering enrolling their LD children to college. Note that these are respectable and reputable programs, and the campuses have a substantial amount of students who are also suffering from learning disabilities. Most of them come with various technologies that can support students with learning disabilities to achieve their full capabilities.

Beacon College

Beacon College is pretty unique. It is a college that emphasizes on the education for students with learning disabilities. The classes in this college are pretty small since the teacher has to pay attention to all individual in class. If you’re living near Orlando, you may want to include the Beacon College as one of your colleges to be checked out.

Landmark College

Another college that’s focusing on the LD students’ education is this Landmark College. The main objective of this college is to increase the ability of the LD students with a good educational system. You can even go to study abroad after you win.

University of Arizona

The university of Arizona offers the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques program, which is designed specifically for their learning-disabled students. This college is considered as one of the best colleges to go to for students with LD.

Curry College

Program for Advanced Learning of the Curry College, MA has a great reputation that pushes their LD students to be proactive and learn effective methods to get the best results. The students are supported to get individualized learning.

University of Colorado

Parents who are looking for a college that is supportive towards their learning-disabled teens and is offering flexible hours, they can start asking information about the University of Colorado. This university has therapy and counseling benefits.


Besides the top five colleges for learning disabled students above, there are also other notable universities and colleges that are well known for LD students; including the Northeastern University, Augsburg College, University of Connecticut, University of Iowa and American University. We highly encourage parents and students to seek more information about these colleges for students with learning disabilities.


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