33 Ways To Get Financial Assistance for Air Conditioning

Financial assistance for air conditioning is available for low-income families. There are some sources available to help you. For example, government assistance programs, local charities, and others exist. When it comes to the availability of assistance, it depends on the funding levels. In addition, it also depends on the amount of available funds from the donation. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a free air conditioner unit. Otherwise, you may get a repair service or a window fan.

Also, many states offer financial help with air conditioning. In this case, the program is for low-income families. The purpose is to offer something better for the family to handle hot and humid summer periods. Their focus is on offering people who are most at risk. For instance, it can be young children, seniors, and disabled people. Here are the ways how to get Financial assistance for air conditioning.


How To Get Free Air Conditioner

If you need a little help on how to get a free air conditioner, we think these options are worth to try. In fact, these programs are available with some requirements. Of course, you should take the following opportunities for a better life.

1. Federal and State Government Assistance Programs

LIHEAP is one of the examples of federal and state government assistance programs. Additionally, this can help you to pay air conditioners for free. Also, if you have a broken air conditioner, they can repair the unit for you. Low income families will get this program as a grant for them.

2. Non-Profit Organizations or Charity

A charity or a non-profit organization may provide several free fans to cool a home. Otherwise, they can provide small or medium-sized air conditioners. Of course, they are helping people in a crisis due to health or medical issues.

For example, you can find this help from Salvation Army Thrift stores. Alternatively, you can try for Family Service Programs. They may distribute a window-mounted air conditioner for free. But, it is important to know that they may give some gently used systems. It is because their goods are from a thrift store. Nevertheless, it is important to note that assistance in one to other locations is different.

In fact, financial assistance for air conditioning is possible to get. To make it happen, you need to contact Salvation Army Family Service center. They may give a window type air conditioner especially the elderly member or the seniors of the community. Additionally, it is possible for a single mother to get a free air conditioner unit if she has been living with a sick child. Here are things to know more about Salvation Army programs on offering fans.

3. Local Community Action Agency

There are some available places for submitting your applications. For example, you can try for a local community action agency in your area. The agency will process the applications for LIHEAP. This is a primary program. They work under the control of the United State Department of Energy (DOE). Also, they can provide a new AC from any qualified households. Other than that, this program offers help on repairing the existing AC Unit.


Talking about the availability of this program in certain communities, it depends on the regulations and rules in each state. Additionally, it depends on the amount of money that LIHEAP has received for the fiscal year. Congress allocated this amount of money each year. Up to now, they have been helping 35 states to get it. Their prior is the low income families even in large states like Virginia, Georgia, and others.

It is interesting to know that LIHEAP is not only helping a senior citizen. Also, they are open to any home with small children to get a free air conditioner. What is more, is that they also provide a free repair service for a broken one. Just assume that you have a unit and it is not working, they can fix this as the prior. If they failed to do the attempt, they will give you a new AC unit. This condition is a regulation in most states.

Do you live with a sick family member? Or, do you live with seniors during a heat wave? If so, you are possible to get assistance. Most states have a regulation. In this point, they prevent your electricity shut off. So, you can keep the power on and continue to run the air conditioner. It is because there are several laws to stop any utility disconnections in that condition.

Financial Assistance For Air Conditioning Programs Based on States

Just in case the options above could not help, do not worry. Alternatively, you can try for these following ways. So, we hope you have a new life from here.

1. Alabama

The state offers a crisis cooling program for anyone with medical issues, disabled, senior citizens, and family with kids. So, you can use the following contact number to get more information about this program.

Contact: 800-392-8098

2. Arizona

You can submit your applications at the available community action agencies. So, the goal of this program is to support people with a medical condition and senior citizens. You can apply year-round to get financial assistance for air conditioning bills.

Contact: 1-800-582-5706

3. Arkansas

Arkansas welcomes application for summer with the prior to help low income families and poor. They have spent up to $700. Also, you can apply for this application at the community action agency. If you have a family member with a serious medical condition, you can join this program.

Contacts: 1-800-482-8988

4. California

They provide grants and other Financial assistance for air conditioning solutions to pay cooling, air conditioning, and utility bills working with LIHEAP. Besides, you can apply anytime with no separate summer or winter program. Also, you are eligible if you are one of 75% of the state’s median level when it comes to the income.

Contact: 1-866-675-6623

5. Delaware

Do you live in Delaware? If so, you can be a qualified recipient fora free window air conditioner with the requirement of a doctor’s note. Also, they provide electric and emergency utility bill assistance in the summer.

Contact: 1-800-464-4357

6. District of Columbia

If you have a disconnect notice, let District of Columbia helps you by using the LIHEAP program. Besides, they help you with more ongoing assistance to handle the regular bills as well. For the eligibility, the District of Columbia set 60% of the median income in this region.

Contact: 202-673-6750

7. Florida

Florida provides cooling bill assistance, from April to September. They accept the application all year round but, again, it depends on your city or town. To get their assistance, the income conditions must be at 150% of the federal government poverty level. This program is only for seniors and single parents.

Contact: 850-717-8450

8. Georgia

Start in August; Georgia has a few hundred dollars for the eligible people. They pay for the air conditioning and electric bills.

Contact: 1-800-869-1150 for information or to apply.

9. Hawaii

Do you live in Hawaii and have a disconnection notice? Well, they can provide a credit on the bill. Even they offer home visits for senior citizens and disabled people to apply for this program.

Contact: 1-808-586-5740

10. Illinois

Do you need financial assistance for air conditioning in Illinois? They provide the cooling bill assistance with the funding that is the part of LIHEAP. This program is only available for a household with kids 36 months or younger, 60-year of senior people and older, also members of a medical condition with the use of a doctor’s note.

Contact: 877-411-9276

11. Indiana

Get free fans or air conditioners for people with medical issues. You can send your application, start in June. If you are living with disabilities, or you have a family with a child under 6 years old, or you are a senior, they can help you.

Contact: 1-800-872-0371

12. Kansas

You can use LIEAP cash benefit to pay for cooling and winter heating bill. In fact, Kansas LIEAP funds provide this program.

Contact: 1-800-432-004

13. Kentucky

Visit a local community action agency or social service offices. Joining their summer cooling bill program means they support you with a one-time payment. It is also known as a cash grant to the client’s gas or electric provider during hot or summer months. If you have medical issues, they can give you a free air conditioner.

Contact: 1-800-432-0043

14. Louisiana

This program is available for elderly, young children, disabled, and anyone in the resident with the income is at 60% or under the state’s median income. You can apply over the phone. Called as the Summer Emergency Program, it is a part of LIHEAP for low income families with a disabled member, senior, or young children.

Contact: 888-454-2001

15. Mississippi

For a senior citizen, they can join this program starts in May. The grant will be available for you, depends on your income, your utility bill, and the degree of your participation. Other assistance options are cooling system repairs, air conditioners, and fans.

Contact: 1-800-948-4060.

16. Missouri

If you live in this resident and you have a disconnect notice or your electricity is already turned off, the government can help. They can support you with an air conditioner or a box fan. You can get this assistance if you have a medical condition or if you live with an older family member.

Contact: 1-855-373-4636

17. Nebraska

This program is available from June to August. If you want to apply for a similar program before or after those dates, they provide a supplemental crisis program. To be eligible, you must have a document about your medical issues. Also, it supports clients who are living with 70 years or older family member. They provide a free air conditioner for every five years.

Contact: 1-800-430-3244.

18. Nevada

They help senior, disabled or SSI, TANF recipients, and anyone with low income even less than 150% of the federal poverty levels. If you received government aid like LIHEAP, you can pay both heating and cooling bills from the funds.


Las Vegas, 702-486-1404

Reno and the northern part of Nevada, 775-684-0730

19. New Jersey

There is assistance for senior citizens and the elderly, as long as they have health issues confirmed by a doctor. They may get heating and cooling bill assistance.

Contact: 1-800-510-3102

20. New Mexico

A one-time year grant is available for any energy bill matter. You can use the money to pay for heating or cooling bills.

Contact: 1-800-283-4465

21. North Carolina

Take benefits from cooling and air conditioning program since it is the part of the crisis programs for all year round.

Contact: 1-800-662-7030

22. Ohio

The program for financial assistance for air conditioning is available in July for state residents with the income is 200% of the poverty levels. This is also available for senior people or the ill and sick. You can apply for this program at the community action agency near your area.

Contact: 1-800-282-0880

23. Oklahoma

Oklahoma offers financial assistance for air conditioning from July for low income families. This is also an emergency cooling bill program for low income households.

Contact: 1-866-411-1877

24. Oregon

You can contact your local community action agency, human service agency, or non-profit organizations. They may provide funds or assistance during summer like crisis utility bill help to pay cooling bills, buy air conditioning and fans.

Contact: 1-800-453-5511

25. South Carolina

There is a South Carolina Summer Assistance opens from May to September. Besides, your income levels are 150% of the federal poverty levels. Moreover, their focus is to support seniors and the disabled. LIHEAP will pay for your cooling and air conditioning systems or repair and replace.

Contact: 803-734-0662

26. Tennessee

For families with low and mode moderate income, you can submit your application in May and June. Furthermore, a medical statement from a doctor is important. So, you do not need that if you have an elderly family member, infant under 12 months old, and disabled. If you never received any help in the past, you may qualify for air conditioners or fans, or even cash.

Contact: 615-313-4766

27. Texas

This program is available from March to November. Here, you can receive the assistance if your income is 200% of the federal government poverty levels. Moreover, the prior of this program is to help people with high energy costs that you have to struggle to pay for that within your current income. Other than that, you are eligible if you live with an elderly, a kid under the age of six, and a disabled family member. Additionally, Texas CEAP program also provides grants to replace and repair the cooling system.

Contact 1-877-399-8939

28. Utah

Financial assistance for air conditioning is also available in the southern part of Utah. This program is available for all year round as the part of the HEAT program. For the eligible household, they will get additional money to pay the bills. Also, to be eligible in this program, you must live with a vulnerable member like senior and young child.

Contact: 1-877-488-3233

29. Virginia

They have a summer program from June to August. To apply, you must live with one member of 60 years or over, a child under 6, or a disabled. Also, the program provides some cash assistance to replace, repair or purchase a new air conditioner. Other than that, they can pay for a utility security deposit and pay your electricity bills as well.

Contact: 1-800-230-6977

30. Wisconsin

Have a medical need and you have a heat emergency problem? If you are eligible, you can apply for this program at a community action agency or a county welfare office. Other than that, you can try to find a non-profitable organization like the Salvation Army. They provide counseling, air conditioner repair, and money for purchasing a new air conditioner.

Contact: 1-866-432-8947

With the options above, it means you have many ways to find help anytime you need air conditioning assistance programs. Also, you can try to contact the local agency to check any available programs to follow.

Those are all things you should know about where to get financial assistance for air conditioning. In conclusion, most of the programs have the goal to help the low income families, the senior citizens, disabled people, and people with health issues, and kids. If you think that you are eligible for the program, it is better to start and send your application. Who knows your first trial makes a big shot. Hopefully, this article can help!

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