Free Air Conditioner For Seniors / The Elderly From Many Programs

Free air conditioner for seniors perhaps become your concern right now since summer is coming. You may have some reasons why and how to keep your home or apartment cool. Therefore, you are looking for some programs that provide free AC units. These programs are available for low-income seniors and vulnerable family members.

Why do we need a free AC unit? First of all, to keep us cool and to make us comfortable. The summer is very rough without an air conditioner. Even more, it can be dangerous for seniors or people with a health issue. Based on the research shows, that seniors are not able to sustain the summer for many days. For this reason, we provide you with the following information on how to get a free air conditioner for seniors.


1. Clevel and Seniors

This is a free air condition program from The Council for Economic Opportunity. The goal is to provide this assistance in Greater Cleveland. Also, they have a commitment to provide free air condition for seniors and people with respiratory problems.

Nevertheless, there are some requirements to be eligible in this program. They set the criteria for income and health matter. If you live in Cuyahoga County, it is possible for you to apply for their air conditioner program. Otherwise, you may receive up to $175 for your summer electric bill payment. You can contact 216-518-4014. After that, you can set up an appointment.

Alternatively, you can visit the office. Their address is at 149 Prospect Avenue. Also, they will welcome you from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. To join this free air conditioner program, you must become a Cuyahoga County Resident. Otherwise, you should call at 1-800-282-0880. They can help you to check the available programs.


2.Project ElderCool

Bishop Sullivan center has an annual effort to help elderly and vulnerable people. So, they can survive to deal with the deadly heat of the summer. Called as Project ElderCool, they have been helping more than 5,600 low-income people in the KC metro area. Also, they started this program in 2000 with the goal to provide a free air conditioner. They get the money from a charity program from their website:

What they provide is $100 to cover an elderly person. Additionally, they will arrange the delivery and installation in your home. Also, they provide $50 to help you pay the electric bill. This money is for the cost to run the new air conditioner unit for the first time.

3. Super Heat and Air

Even though they did not provide a free air conditioner for seniors, they give you AC discounts. This offer is the way how they appreciate the military and law enforcement, service members. Also, it is kind to help first responders, senior citizens, and medical personnel.

So, if you are a senior citizen, retired or active member of U.S. military, this is how they salute you. Additionally, this offer is available for a first responder and a medical professional. They provide 15% off for AC repair and other services they have. You can contact them at 13-543-6157 to request their service.


4. Free Air Conditioner For Seniors in Alabama

This free air conditioner program for the elderly is available as the state’s program. Clearly, it is available from June 1 to September 30 as the program dates. The state explains that you should meet 150% of the poverty level in the state. Also, this program is for seniors, vulnerable family member, and kids.

Unfortunately, there are no special times and early applications because it depends on the administering agency. Additionally, this program offers intake service even home visits. They may call you if you live with the elderly. Another available assistance is crisis cooling program along with medical requirements. Back in 2011, they offered the benefit at $400 maximum.

5. Free Air Conditioner For Seniors in Arizona

Arizona provides a year-round free air conditioner for seniors. Their priority is to help people with 60% of the median income in the state. Also, this program is available for helping seniors, vulnerable family member, and kids under 6. There are no early applications and they will take it at CAAs. The benefits they offered in 2013 was $75 minimum and $640 maximum.

6. LIHEAP Free Air Conditioner in California

This program is for all year round as the commitment for LIHEAP to help on heating and cooling issues. So, they combine heating and cooling needs as their service throughout the year.
However, if you want to join this program, you should follow the requirements. First, you must have 60% of the median income in California.

Even more, the local service provider may develop a service plan. Here, they are focusing on households with energy burden and vulnerable households. Fortunately, they have the most plans for seniors. When it comes to the applications, they provide the intake service and a home visit. They can contact you, as well. In fact, they made $158 as the minimum and $538 as the maximum benefits in 2012.

7. Free Air Conditioner For Seniors in Mississippi

The state set the program dates from the beginning of May to the end of September. Additionally, their prior is to help individuals with 60% of the median income in the state. If you live with seniors, it is possible for you to get a free air conditioner for seniors.
To continue with your application, they will send an email about your re-certification forms. The benefits you will get depends on the bill amount on your application and the case management analysis. Besides, they will give the level of the cash amount from the degree of participation in the case plan.
You can participate in other available programs like free fans, free cooling system, and free energy-related services. They will give this help based on their needs.

8. Free Air Conditioner Program in New Mexico

This is not a formal cooling program. It means that they may provide a benefit for once a year to help any cooling issues in the state.
You can join this program if you have 150% of the poverty level. To submit your application, you can start it in September. However, they will not process your applications unless they contact you. They will close the application until October 1.
Back in 2013, what they provided $32 minimum and $224 maximum cash. You can join their cooling crisis if you have a shutoff notice. Or, you can get their assistance if you live with the elderly, kids, or vulnerable individuals.

9. Free Air Conditioner Program in South Carolina

Free air conditioner for seniors is also available in South Carolina. This program is a way how the state helps the seniors. If you want to join this program, show that your financial is 150% of the poverty level. Their prior is to help households with kids, a senior, or vulnerable family member.
They will start the early application for a vulnerable family member and the elderly. Moreover, they have an intake service like home visits. In 2013, they allocated $225 minimum and $500 maximum. Also, the state spent $6,500 maximum to offer cooling equipment replacement or repair.

10. Air Conditioner Program in Virginia

Virginia has the program dates from June 15 to August 15 for any citizen to apply for their program. Nevertheless, you have to show them that you are one of the people with 130% of the poverty level. If so, they may help you especially if you live with a vulnerable family member, kids, or 60-year-old elderly.
To apply for their program, they can provide you intake services and home visits. Additionally, they work together with other local non-profit and social service organizations.
The benefits in 2013 were various. They allowed you to use the cash to buy a new air conditioner unit. Even you can use the money to replace and install an air conditioner. If your current air conditioner is not working, they allow you to use the benefits to repair it. If you cannot pay for the electric bill, they can help you, too. ( temporary down)


Free air conditioner for seniors is available that you can contact your state to know about the availability. You should not let the summer makes your life feels harder and rough. Additionally, there are many states we did not mention in this article. It is because they have the program, but they have different targets. For example, they are targeting individuals with health issues, especially respiratory problems.

If you need more information about similar programs in different states, you can check the State Cooling Programs. Keep in mind that you can use local organizations, non-profitable charities, and churches near you. They can help you to provide some cash to buy a new air conditioner for free.

Finally, those are all things you should know about free air conditioner for seniors. We hope the list above can help. What we can suggest to you is to find more information about the available programs near your area. That is the only way to keep finding your opportunity.

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