5 Smart Ways To Get Free Window Air Conditioner

Free Window Air Conditioner, is it possible to find? Summer can be a real problem especially if your air conditioner system is not working. When you contact the heating contractor in your area, they suggest you install a new system for $7,000. What can you do if you have no money to pay for that installation? Here are the creative ways how to get a Free Window Air Conditioner.

1. Home Insurance Provider

It is worth spending your time just to get more information about your home insurance provider, especially their policy for the damaged AC unit and its coverage. If your AC unit stops working because of the standard wear-and-tear, you have no hope of getting coverage from the insurance. On the contrary, if the AC stops working due to damage and accidents, then your home insurance provider can cover the cost. So, the best thing you should do is to contact your agent. After that, you should ask them how to file a claim. The coverage can be because of storm damage or vandalism. For Muslims, Please avoid the interest rate! It’s RIBA!!


2. Free Window Air Conditioner Home Warranty Provider

AC units are like other machines since it has moving parts. So, it can stop working because of wear-and-tear. If it happens and if the insurance policy did not work, you can try for a home warranty. There are many providers of home warranty provide wide coverage options for major appliances. It is better to review your contract to know whether they can help you with your major appliance. Also, you can save a lot of money if they provide repairs and replacement coverage.

3. Free Window Air Conditioner FEMA

If you think that a natural disaster has damaged your cooling or heating system you can contact FEMA. This is a good alternative if you have no insurance policy that covered your AC unit. FEMA can help, as long as you meet their eligibility. Additionally, you can register with FEMA to get support related to air conditioner cost by calling 800-621-3362.

4. LADWP AC Optimization Program

The goal of the program is to help the eligible individual, especially for the Residential and Commercial customers so they are comfortable. Also, they have a commitment to support using energy efficiently. In fact, the largest energy cost during summer goes to cooling bills. This is the real matter for businesses and homeowners. Therefore, they believe that we all need well-maintained and efficient AC system to use less energy.

By using the well-maintained AC unit, it also makes you more comfortable. At the same time, it will extend the life of the system. Besides, LADWP provides help for customers so they can fix the leaking duct, replace the old and inefficient AC unit with the new AC system. The new AC is energy-star rated product.

How Can They Help

They have a certified technician to diagnose and evaluate the system and to determine how the system does not work. Also, they check the necessary changes to make your AC works again. Even though they do not provide Free Window Air Conditioner at the very first beginning, but they can help you to make sure that your AC system is running properly and to keep you cool during the summer. It is because they do a follow-up diagnostic to confirm the AC system. They also use the diagnostic result to determine whether you need early replacement or not.

Nevertheless, this Free Window Air Conditioner program is only for the AC system with R-22 or R-410a refrigerant. It means you cannot join this program if you use the AC system with other types.


Homeowners can participate in this program with the following requirements:

  • This program is only for LADWP customers who never participated in this program
  • First-come, first-served
  • You must have a central heat pump system or a central air conditioner for 10 tons or less.
  • Smart Thermostat is available for LADWP customers only.
  • Renters are allowed to participate in this program but make sure you certify that you have the permission from the property owners to participate in this program.

5. Free Window Air Conditioner SCAP

If you live in New Castle, Kent County or Sussex, you may qualify to get an energy-efficient Free Window Air Conditioner through SCAP. SCAP stands for Summer Cooling Assistance Program. Also, this program has a commitment to help cool homes so they have a window unit for free.

Additionally, this program is to support health and safety. If you have small kids, seniors and those with vulnerable people who cannot deal with extreme heat, you should try to participate in this program.


This program supports individuals with the following requirements:

  • You are senior, or you live with seniors or elderly people up to 60 years old.
  • You are disabled or you live with the disabled.
  • Provide documents to tell that you have chronic breathing issues, or you live with this kind of vulnerable people.
  • You have one child in your house under five years old.
  • You must be at 200% or even below the Federal Poverty Level. Also, you never received this assistance from SCAP in the past 10 years.

How to apply for this Free Window Air Conditioner program? Here, you should bring the following things:

  • A photo ID that you are 18 and over
  • Social security cards
  • Birth Certificates/ Medical Cards for individuals under 18 years old at home
  • Proof of income of everyone
  • The current electric bill
  • Lease if you are a renter
  • A permission form from your landlord if you are a renter

Once you have submitted your application and they approved you, then they will send a licensed contractor. This contractor will come to your home. What he or she does is to assess the living area. Also, he or she will determine the ideal size of the air conditioner to install. To install the Free Window Air Conditioner at your home, you must have a three-prong electrical outlet to install.

Those are all things about the best ways on how to get a window air conditioner for free. Hope this can help!

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