How To Get Home Energy Efficiency Grants

Home Energy Efficiency Grants – Home improvement projects are a task which often requires a lot of money.  This is also the subject which has becomes the target of Federal Government. The Federal Government has made it their mission to help people to improve their standard or life. This includes providing proper shelter. The Government understands that home improvement projects are not affordable for some people, and especially those who have low income. Due to this reason, they provide grants which can be used to ease the cost of home improvement repairs as well as cover costs to contractors like Ohio Roofing Solutions.

These grants can be used for various home improvement project types including creating a more energy efficient homestead. For projects like these, the Federal Government offers home energy efficiency grants.

There are some things that you need to do to get home energy efficiency grants. It is better for you to know firsthand that the grants are suitable for some people who meet the requirements. These people include those who have low income with income under 180% above poverty. The low-income families are able to receive assistance from the Weatherization Assistance Program. Visit their official website at They will help you with projects related to creating more energy efficient system at your home.


Home Energy Efficiency Grants Programs

Home energy efficiency grants are also available through Federal Tax Credits. The taxpaying citizens provide tax credits for some projects including improvement for energy efficiency, solar energy, fuel cells, and microturbine systems. The eligibility and expiration dates vary and those can be changed regularly. You can find more information from

It is also possible for you to find home energy efficiency grants from the state, local, and utility programs. There are many grants from government and other funds which are distributed through state or local agencies or community projects. You are recommended to contact your local energy and water supplier to get more information. Most Local Housing Departments also provide a form containing more information.

In finding home energy efficiency grants, you are recommended to find Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant programs. The main function of the program is promoting the home energy audits, weatherization, and much more. The grant is taken from $3.2 million in economic stimulus funds which are allotted for energy efficiency and conservation projects.

The Department of Agriculture has created a High Energy Cost Grant Program. The program will give funds to many people including individuals, local governments, non-profits, and other people who are living in certain rural areas. The funds can be used to improve the energy generation, transmission, and distribution facilities. According to USDA, the administrative costs for this improvement might not exceed 4 percent of the grant amount. However, it must serve designated extremely high energy cost communities. The grants will make payment for acquisition construction, installation, repair, replacement, or improvement for facilities in the communities which will influence the surrounding home, not the individual home itself.


When you are applying for home energy efficiency grants, you should know that the grant is only available for people who meet the requirements. Due to this reason, you are recommended to check all the qualifications before applying for the grants. There is a possibility that your grants will be rejected if you do not meet their requirements.

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