List to Get Full Support of Goodwill Donation Pickup

Goodwill donation pickup – For corporate donations, donation drives, and bins are provided by Goodwill in residences or businesses. In some locations, Goodwill doesn’t work for individual home pickups anymore, but they provide a fee-based priority pickup option through their local hauling partner.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot get a free home pickup from Goodwill. If you are living in certain areas, you can find it. This free home pickup by Goodwill makes it easier to donate. All you need to do is to ask for a receipt. You can use donate for tax deductible.


Goodwill Donation Pickup Full Support

In case that you want to know about the list, here we have some for certain areas only.

  1. Goodwill Southern Nevada

In this location, Goodwill has more than 40 locations that support you to donate your items. They will provide the convenience of home pick up based on request. It works for you who have a plan to set a large scale donation by moving or cleaning out a storage unit. You can schedule a home pick up which is quite easy. Visit this site, and you will get a form. They will refer you to their partner agency if they cannot fulfill your home pick up request.

  1. Goodwill Industries of Southern Piedmont

Goodwill provides a free pickup service at your home especially if you want to donate your gently-used furniture but in excellent condition together with other bulky pieces including major appliances.

Please, you must read what they don’t accept by click here such as mattresses, tube televisions and box springs.

If you want to use this service, you must have two large items and reside within their 25-mile pickup radius especially in Charlotte.

Therefore, you are required to enter your zip code here, so you can easily know whether this service is in or out of your area.

To schedule a convenient home pickup, you can use their online scheduling tool.

Or, you can call (704) 393-6880 to speak with their representative only from Monday to Friday.

Goodwill can help you if you have remodeling or relocating business or even with unwanted items you want to remove such as surplus inventory or old office furniture. Your items can be donated to help their corporate donation program.

To submit your pickup request, click here. Their representative will contact you to confirm whether your items are acceptable or not.

It is important to check with your property manager about any restrictions of moving large items. The items must be on the ground floor.

  1. Goodwill Donation of Central Arizona

If you are living in Arizona, you can use their Home Pickup Service. The eligible items you want to donate can be picked up. The high volume of requests for this service makes you to schedule your request for at least 1 week.

In case you need their support and help, you can contact their Home Pickup Team at 602-513-8444.

Prescott and Yuma call Toll-Free at 855-513-8444.

Or, email them at

To drop your donations off at local store, get the list of their more than 80 locations here.

It is important to note that Goodwill of Central Arizona doesn’t accept televisions more than 5 years old anymore as well as CRT TVs.

It is also important to know about their Home pickup policies. We recommend you to read it first at the end of the articles.

  1. Free Home Pickup

You can use this free home pickup service if you are living in these countries: S.King, Thurston, Yakima and Pierce.

It is provided by Goodwill to make your donations can be done easily. Goodwill donation pickup suggests you to ask for a receipt for a tax deductible.

To schedule your pickup, you can click here.

If you have any questions, you can email them at

To call, here is their phone service: 800-584-7996.

  1. Goodwill NY NJ

In the name of cooperate donations, Goodwill NY NJ cannot carry out any individual home pickups because the transportation cost in their religion. But, they can do pick up from:

  • Business and manufacturers to donate sample, closure, leftover, overstock and other merchandise.
  • School, nonprofit, church, business or individual donation drives.
  • Quality flea market, auction, garage or other group sales events.
  • Large scale of quality swaps events.
  • Bins placed in large residential buildings or big business.

In case that you want to arrange any corporate or organizational pickup, organize a donation drive or even to arrange for a bin, you can call here: (718) 777-6320

And email them for donations here:

Priority Home Pickup Option

Goodwill signed a contract with College Hunks Hauling to support you especially if you are unable to bring any donations to their store, bin or attended donation. They have 48-hour priority service but there is a fee you have to pay. You will get major cleanups. They are working more than just bringing your donation to Goodwill, but they can help you to clear out your junks together with all items that will not be accepted by Goodwil.

Goodwill also provides a receipt for the items that they will accept. Items that they cannot take will be brought to another recycle or nonprofit. For junk and unusable items, they will dispose them all properly. College Hunks Hauling will also pick up all your items anywhere properly. The Goodwill donors will also get a discount on regular fee.

If you are living in:

New York City, Long Island, Westchester Country and Northen New Jersey, you can use this service.

To get more information or for free quote, please call: (800) 785-9679

You can go online and visit their service information here:

So, those are all complete list if you are looking a help, support and anything about where to remove your good and donate it. We recommend you to contact or visit their web first so you have complete information before starting to donate your items. Please understand that Goodwill donation pickup only serve you once you set the schedule and get their confirmation.

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