5 Places For Easy Clothes Donation Drop Off

Clothes Donation Drop Off – Some people don’t want to be a bin that you can put everything in. But, when you consider recycling and donating your clothes, many agencies have positive responses. They don’t mind if you think that they are a bin to put all your used clothes in. Once you consider it, they will help you to send the clothes to the hands of those who need it and your help might give them a second chance.

If your local organizations don’t accept any clothes donations and you don’t know where to send all boxes full of your used clothes, here we have some places you must try especially for clothes donation drop off.


These 5 Clothes Donation Drop-Off Agencies Give You A Big Help

  1. Planet Aid

Planet Aid has a big purpose to save all textiles from our landfill. It is because many charities only accept clothing in good condition.  Even some charities require you to separate your unwanted clothes into two options “donate” and “recycle”, but they are different.

It doesn’t matter if you put everything in one bag and then drop it off in their bins. Anyway, they have about 19,000 convenient yellow bins to support this program. They appreciate your consideration and therefore, they want to make it easy for you to find the bins for your clothes.

If you donate clothes in good condition, you help them to fund development projects globally. It is also important to note that your donation is tax deductible that you can even get the receipt easily by visiting their website.

They have a great commitment to recycling your clothes with stains, holes, or tears in the name of the environment.

To find a bin near your location, you can click here.


  1. Donation Dropbox in Texas

If you are living in Texas, you can try their clothing donation drop boxes. It works for you who cannot go with their residential clothing pickup. The Dropbox that they provided is placed all across Texas. This is a very handy way for most people especially to support the community.

They work for 24 hours a day and it is available in most areas. They provided 13-gallon trash bags and it is important that they need non-breakable donation items. They collect all clothing for men, children, and women such as shoes, belts, hats, purses, and even small household pieces.

How to donate: You can place your items in the drop box. Then, call 1-800-627-6051 to receive a tax receipt.

Your donation is truly important because it will be useful for 75 organizations to host a drop box. The charitable beneficiary of each box will be displayed on the front of the box. You can contact them if you have an additional non-profit organization that you hope to get their support. The last thing you can do to make a call is in case you need to locate a drop box nearest you.

Contact Clothing Pickup at 636-282-0000

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  1. Goodwill

The idea is really simple. Once you donate your stuff, you open the opportunities in your community to find a job and build skills, such as military families, veterans, single mothers and others. It has a good impact if you have a great willingness to donate. Those who donate allow Goodwill to organize about 312,000 people in US and Canada and they employ them. In addition, they have more than 35 million people using mobile devices so we can access mentoring, online learning services, training, and education presented by Goodwill.

When you choose Goodwill as the place to donate clothes drop off and then ditch the dumpster or drop items at Goodwill, you help billions of pounds of household items and clothing out of our landfill.

How to donate:

  • Gather your stuff

Walk around and collect items around your home that you don’t use it again. Invite your family too.

  • Check Your Donations

Donating items need to be checked first such as their condition. There are a few things they couldn’t accept. It is better to make a call to find any restrictions and rules about donating items.

  • Go to Goodwill

If you are ready to drop off your item, use their locator at the top of their homepage and check the “Donation Site” box so you can find the Goodwill drop-off location nearest you. In case you want to donate a lot of items, you can go with donation pickup services.


  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters Of New Mexico Donation Center

It is more than just a donation. They think that your donation is an investment for the future. They will use your clothing donations in order to fund their local program. You can get a “FREE” pickup to schedule by entering your zip code and clicking the get started button. Or, you can call the local donation center.

This organization has a big commitment to providing vulnerable children in New Mexico so they can achieve great things. They will get mentoring programs and services through your donation.

They collect donations of clothing, small furniture, and household items through drop-off locations, donation bin sites as well as scheduled pick-ups.

Note, if you need large item pickups, you can call one of the following numbers for your area:

Albuquerque – (505) 881 – 0599

Santa Fe – (505) 438 – 9000

Las Cruces – (575) 523 – 8000

How to Donate:

  • The donated items must be movable by one person
  • Items are unbreakable, soiled, or damaged.
  • The items must be outside in an area and easy to access from the street.

You can click here to check the list of drop-off sites along with the complete address, contact support, and working hours.


  1. Second Chances

They are glad to receive donations of clothing, accessories, and shoes. All the donated items should be wearable for children, women, and men in any kind of clothes design.

To know their donation bin locations, you can find them here.

How to donate:

  • Place your donated items in small or medium-sized bags. Not in boxes.
  • Never leave donations or trash outside of their clothing donation bins. If the donating items don’t fit through the opening, you can empty the contents into the bin and then take the container with you.
  • Never drop anything into the bin that you want to keep such as keys, phone, or wallet.
  • Send your donation check separately. It should not be included in your clothing donation.
  • If you have fewer than 30 large bags out of the Greater Boston area, you must drop them off at their donation bins in Somerville, Cambridge and Watertown.

If you want to start to donate, you can go to their official website.

Those are all the five places for drop-off clothes donations that you can use for your big help. Hope it works.


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