The Complete List Of Wounded Warrior Project Donations

Wounded Warrior Project Donations – There is no best action that we can do to appreciate how veterans have done for their military service. They got both physical and mental injury, wound, illness and they have no time for families. Giving a great honor to them is a must. Warrior project donations, for example is a good way to us to thank to them for their presence.

If you are seeking for a complete list to tell you about this donation, here we have some that might be helpful for you.

Wounded Warrior Project Donations

Best Places To Start Wounded Warrior Project Donations

  1. Wounded Warrior Project

It is the place for you to seek help to get the donations. This project are categorized by cause:

–       Emergency assistance

–       Human services

–       Military and veterans organizations

–       Veterans

It is possible for you to check their impact pages by click here. They work for thousand wounded veterans as well as the families.

There are some programs they offer such as employment and education, physical health and wellness, combat stress recovery, long-term support, benefits and peer engagement opportunities and more. They have about 19 of free programs as well as services warriors together with their families.


EIN 20-2370934


4899 Belfort Road Suite 300


FL 32256 USA


  1. August Warrior Project

This is a next option for you. It is dedicated to those who have served country and they have to come home from war, to find their lives among crises and chaos and to struggle for finding house as well as employment. You can support them by taking this option.

It is about more than 66,000 warriors in Augusta-Aiken area that deserve your help.

Augusta Warrior Project is one of wounded warrior project donations and it is a local organization to collect all necessary resources for local warriors. It doesn’t matter that they are wounded or not as well as their families.

Once you put, you can help improving their lives and saving more lives.

Click here, if you want to check their brochure.

Click here, if you want to donate.

Their generous donors helped for more than 10,000 local veterans as well as families in Augusta, Aiken and CSRA area.

Based on their data, they helped 400 veterans enrolled for education, 110 houses for homeless veteran and their families, 330 veterans are employed, 1,100 veterans in benefits and 2,706 warriors helped. These data was submitted in 2015.

By donating $100, you provided educational resources to local veterans to improve their marketable skills.

By donating $75, you provided employment assistance for local veterans.

By donating $50, you provided counseling for local veterans including their healthcare.

By donating $25, you assisted them with emergency needs for local warriors such as blankets as well as cold weather clothing.

  1. PA Wounded Warriors

Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc. is a volunteer organization that is designed to support Pennsylvanian heroes.

As you know, veterans from Pennsylvania have served their life and nation for dealing with all conflicts. At a military hospital, many men and women are recovering their emotion, mental and physic. We don’t know whether they got it as the part of medical facility or the families struggle for it, but the most important is they need your financial support. Generous donations can be the solution to assist these veterans.

PAWW is basically and independent and non-profit organization that will provide support to local wounded warriors, veterans in crisis as well as their family life. They are not affiliated and they are not the part of national organization such as Wounded Warrior Project. Even, this organization doesn’t receive any donations or funds from them. They give emergency financial assistance so veterans are able to pay their housing, transportation, medical, utilities and other expenses. They pay everything directly to the vendors, creditors as well as the landlords.

This organization accepts your help. Even you can donate via check or PayPal.

It is also founded for one goal, to help as many as possible of local veterans as well as their families to deal with life hardships. Their system is 95% of all donations will be allocated to assist a veteran. They could support more than 1400 families with $1,121,000.

Here is their calculation:

53% for housing and home repair such as major home repairs, procuring proper housing, stopping evictions, homeless, home security deposits, as well as rent and mortgage payments, will be their prior.

18% of the donation will be spent for basic utilities such as propane, natural gas, electricity, water and heating oil to cover the basic utility needs for veterans and families.

9% of the donation will be allocated for transportation expenses. It enables veterans as well as their families to work and to get medical appointments. It helps them for securing loan payments, insurance coverage and covering major repairs.

7% of the donation will be spent for morale events. This will improve their quality of life because they received leisure activities to improve their morale starting from Vet Center visits and Amusement parks tickets.

3% of the donation will be allocated for groceries and gas. Veterans will get gift cars so they can procure groceries for families together with gasoline cards to complete their needs especially for their vehicles.

5% is for miscellaneous to response unexpended emergencies including medical bills that are not covered by the VA or other things about family expenses.

5% is for their administrative expenses.

In short, for each $1.00 donated, it is about $0.95 used for veteran and family.

If you have any question, you can visit:


  1. Fisher House Program

This program served more than 10,000 of military families from 1990 to 2009. It provides lodging for wounded service members’ family in 43 Fisher House placed at all military medical centers. They don’t charge any fee for the family members. They have staff person and volunteers to support wounded warriors.

Contact information:

Fisher House Foundation 111 Rockville Pike Suite 420 Rockville, MD 20850 (888) 294-8560

Now, you have a complete list that supports you to know more about wounded warrior project donations. If you have any question, please leave your comment.


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