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Furniture Donation Pick Up – People are saying that one of the most troublesome things to deal with when donating furniture is the delivery of the furniture to the agency. This is a baseless myth and in this post, you’ll learn that there are many organizations offering furniture donation free pick up.

Donating is always a good thing. This is a great way to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore and give it to people who need them. We believe that donating can give a positive feeling about the person’s self, and it can make the person feel good when he knows that he’s doing the right thing.

Did you know that most of the furniture donation pick up offer their service for free? These people are good people who are trying to do the same thing as you do: a positive and rewarding activity. Therefore, it is important to understand and help each other.


Furniture Donation Pick Up – The Tips

There is unwritten etiquette when you are donating your furniture. Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to prepare the furniture for the donation. Here goes:

  1. Although it is optional, cleaning the furniture first is a great first step.
  2. Some nonprofit organizations that arrange this pickup service have a schedule, so call them and ask about the estimated time that they are able to pick up the furniture in your local area.
  3. If you are free during that donation pick up hour, it would be such a great help if you can gather the furniture in the main floor of your house.
  4. On the other hands, if you are unable to greet the donation pick up people, it would be great if you can align the furniture in the driveway so that the volunteer can take them with ease.
  5. Additionally, you can also cover the furniture to protect them from bad weather.

That’s it. It’s pretty easy to prepare for donation, right? Now let’s step into the main dish: where can I find furniture donation pick up? Below are some of your options:

The 211 is a great service that provides valuable information for various purposes, usually the ones that can help people. The information database of this service is pretty good, they can even connect you to your local nonprofit organization that is willing to pick up donated furniture for you! Contact them through their 211 telephone line, and they will be happy to help!

Simple Google Search

Alternatively, you can also do a quick search for organizations in your local area that can help you transport your donated furniture. You can use the “furniture donation pick up” or the “pick up donated furniture” keywords and add your current county, region or state. You should be able to get a huge list of organizations along with their schedule and the contact information.

Letting your unused furniture used by people in need is a wonderful way to show that you really care about others. Working together is the key to help more people. We hope that you can find furniture donation pickup service soon!


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