All About Home Depot Donation Request Of Grant Programs

Home Depot Donation Request – Many large corporations provide donations for their community projects. You can get a donation from The Home Depot Foundation allows you to apply for the money. Home Depot Foundation provides two grant programs, which are the Community Impact Grants Program and The Veteran Housing Grants.  Below, we provide you the complete information about their programs


Home Depot Donation Request For Community Impact Grants

The Home Depot Foundation provides more than 5,000 dollars as their grants to IRS-registered 501c designated organizations. They also offer it to tax-exempt public service agencies in the U.S. that work with volunteers with the goal to improve the health of their community. What they provide are the Home Depot gift cards that support you to purchase materials, service, and tools.

The goal is to provide the grants and the volunteer opportunities. It is because the program supports refurbishment, renovation, modification, retrofitting, and weatherization of the existing schools, centers, homes, and other facilities.

When Can You Register To Community Impact Grants?

The application process is rolling. They are ready to accept applications for anyone who want to get Community Impact Grants programs. You will get the decision on your application after six weeks of submission. The deadline to submit the applications is in 2017, December 31.

What They Do Not Support

They do not support some points as below.

  1. The grant is not for the nonprofit organization is less than one year of existence.
  2. The grant is not for churches and religious organizations that are just serving their congregation, not all community.
  3. The grant is not for a scholarship or other support to families or individuals.
  4. The grant is not for fraternal, political, social organization, civic clubs, projects, or candidates.
  5. The grant is not for fundraising sponsorship, prizes for events including dinners, festivals, conferences, sports competition, fundraisers, or art exhibits.
  6. The grant is not for those who request kid’s workshop kits or aprons.
  7. The grant does not support capital campaign, endowed or endowments chairs.
  8. The grant does not support film, music, video, media, or television production projects as well as broadcast underwriting.
  9. The grant is not available for Goodwill marketing or advertising.
  10. The grant does not support anything that does not meet the definition of charitable purpose according to IRS.

For more details, you can visit at Home Depot community impact grants

Home Depot Donation Request Guidelines

Below are the guidelines your organization must know to participate to get the grant.

  1. Make sure that your organization is IRS-Registered 501c organizations, or tax-exempt public service agencies such as fire departments, or police in the U.S before applying for this grant. You must prove the status on the application in the form of IRS letter, W9, or Form 990.
  2. The grants only support work done by community volunteers in the U.S.
  3. You must complete the projects within six months after receiving the grants.
  4. The grants are available in the form of The Home Depot gift cards to let you purchase materials, tools, and even services for more than 5,000 dollars.
  5. For any organizations who received the funding through The Home Depot Foundation’s Community Impact Grant Program, however, they must wait for about 12 months after the notification of award before applying for other grants through the program.
  6. Any organizations that want to apply the grant should be at least one year.
  7. For any organization that wants to apply, they must have a willingness to submit stories and pictures of the project for its completion.

Veteran Housing Grants By Home Depot Foundation

A Veteran Housing Grants Program is also available, presented by The Home Depot Foundation (THDF), especially for non-profit organizations with the commitment to develop and repair veterans housing. Typically, the range is from 100,000 dollars to 500,000 dollars.

For any individuals or organizations with projects concerned with a single home construction or repair, this program is not for them. The best choice is their Community Impact Grant programs.

The Eligibility

If you want to start having home depot donation request for this program, there are some requirements to be eligible as below.

  1. The grants are only available to 501-c3 non-profit organizations that good enough with the Internal Revenue Service for about 5 years at the minimum.
  2. The organizations should have the current operating budget for about 300,000 dollars minimum with the audited financial statements from the last three years.
  3. The organizations should have a previous experience developing for veteran specific housing.


  1. About multifamily rental projects, the nonprofit organization must have more than 15 years of ownership stake in the development.

The Eligible Programs And Developments

Your programs and developments are eligible if it can cover the following requirements.

  1. To provide new construction, repair or rehab, single-family or even multifamily and permanent supportive housing as well as transitional housing.
  2. The grants are available for physical construction, repair of housing for veterans with hard costs. The program does not provide any funding for soft costs including rental subsidies, tenant services, or furnishings.
  3. The target population of discharged veterans is about or below 80% AMI.
  4. The grant funding must comprise for less than 50% of the total development cost of the program or the project.
  5. The amount of the funding does not more than 20,000 dollars per veteran unit.
  6. At the time of the proposal submission, the development or the program’s funding sources should be about 75% identified.
  7. For multifamily rental projects, the project must commence in the next twelve months with 20% of units are ready for veterans. For the proposals that require more than 100,000 dollars must provide third party binding agreement with a clear statement that the units are for veterans, occupied by veterans for 15 years for rental and 3 years for homeownership.
  8. About Homeownership programs, the homeowner must be the legal U.S. Resident, who has a low income that is below 80% of AMI. The homeowner must be a veteran with the form of written proof as the verification. It is important to note that the program is not available for surviving spouses or the children of veterans.

For more details, you can visit at Home Depot veteran housing grants

Those are all things you need to know about home depot donation request before having any applications.

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