Donate Prom Dresses for Charity

Donate Prom Dresses – Why should you consider donating prom dresses? Each year, thousands of female students spend hundreds of dollars for arguably the most important dress of their 17 years of life. However, the sad thing about this is the fact that most of these dresses are only worn once, and then they go to the farthest part of the cabinet.

For some, buying an expensive dress might not be a problem whatsoever, but many other unfortunate families simply cannot afford to spend the hard-earned money only on a dress. What’s more, how come, in this prom attire, it can be so different between male students and female students? As you know, most of the guys wearing a tuxedo that go to the prom got their tux rented from somewhere. Why can’t the ladies do the same?


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In fact, wouldn’t it be better if you can actually help fellow female students who unfortunately come from low-income families to have something decent to wear to the prom? If you feel the same way as I do, then read on, because we’re going to tell you about the organizations and programs that might be able to facilitate your goodwill.

Where to Donate Prom Dresses

There are several organizations in the U.S. that take care of prom dress donations. Some of them are:

Becca’s Closet

It’s a program that was made in honor of the name of a young woman who made a prom dress campaign for her fellow students who couldn’t afford to get a dress. The young lady, unfortunately, passed away in her 16 due to a car accident, but her efforts are continued by the organization. With its wide network, the organization accepts donations and distributes prom dresses for eligible female students.

Fairy Godmothers, Inc

Just like the Godmother in the Cinderella story, this organization strives to help female students from low-income families with prom dresses, shoes, and accessories for their prom experience. This organization has branches in several locations in the United States, but most of them are in the East.

Operation Prom

This organization focuses on both male and female students, so aside from accepting prom dress donations and distributing them to needy female students, they are also helping the male students with the cost of a tux rental. So if you want to help out these students, you can donate your dress or you can also donate some cash to them.

Project GLAM

The Project GLAM, initiated by the WGIRLS nonprofit organization provides more than just a dress. It’s a project that aims to thoroughly help needy women and children in their health, happiness, and the skills needed for a successful life. While Project GLAM does not specifically aim solely on helping girls in need of prom dress, they are able to help. They include the prom dress program as their broader mission.

Cinderella’s Closet

Started by the Immanuel United Methodist Church, the program is run through several churches in several states. The program emphasizes the effort to let these girls be cherished.

There you go, I hope you get to donate your prom dress so that you can save one girl’s prom night!

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