Useful Guide to Get Furniture Vouchers for Low Income Families

Are you currently looking for furniture vouchers for low income families? If you are, then what we will share today surely will be a great source of information to get you help with furniture for low income families. Apparently, there are actually so many ways you can do to get help with furniture be it for your family or for someone you know. Such help with furniture vouchers are absolutely will make sure that nobody will sleep on the couch or even floor anymore!

In general, there we will provide only some of place where you can get furniture vouchers for low income families. For furniture information and details, just keep reading this article and figure what you need to know first out.


Where to Get Help with Furniture for Low Income Families

  1. Furniture Bank

Furniture Bank is a non-profit organization to collect home furnishings that are gently used from the public and then provides the items at little to no cost to those who are in need. That being said the furniture vouchers for low income families aren’t what this organization provides, since children and mothers escaping domestic violence and victims of natural disasters can also benefit from what Furniture Bank offers.

This organization greatly varies in term of structure, yet mostly they’re a hub for social service agencies in the local community that provide household furnishings for the clients of the partner agencies. There are almost 80 Furniture Banks in North America. You can find Furniture Banks near me on the list by state and city through the organization’s official website (

  1. Salvation Army

This organization offers furniture vouchers for low income families and other people who are in need. Those who get furniture vouchers Salvation Army thus can receive the item for free from a Salvation Army store, meaning that you need to redeem the voucher to the store that provides it so you can finally claim the furniture item that is being offered.

There are some certain requirements for furniture vouchers for low income families from Salvation Army to be fulfilled in order to finally receive the voucher. In general, though, the requirements include earning a sum of income that is lower than certain amount and experiencing specified hardships. In many cases, though, the vouchers for furniture from Salvation Army are given only to individuals or families whose furniture was destroyed in natural disasters, such as flood, or fire. That isn’t always the case, however.

When you are applying for furniture vouchers for low income families from Salvation Army, it is required for you to schedule an appointment first with the local Salvation Army store. This way, the staff thus can determine whether you are qualified for the vouchers or even other assistance. Aside from the furniture vouchers, Salvation Army also offers vouchers for food, clothing, and other needs. The organization can also help low-come people pay for medications. Other assists also include help pay utility bills or rent for those who have financial problems.

  1. Bridging AZ

This organization is one of the places that give away free furniture. However, it is not open to the public, meaning that if you live in Arizona and are in need of new furniture, you’ll need to contact the social service agency first since the latter is the one who will identify and qualify the applicants. If your agency isn’t contracted with Bridging AZ, you can access other furniture resources, such as Furnishing Hope AZ, Furnishing Dignity, Furniture, and Veterans Furniture Center.

  1. Make a Home Foundation

This organization based in Connecticut helps not only low income families, but also veterans, homeless, seniors, and victims of fires, floods, and natural disasters, to name a few. Those who are in need are assisted by Make a Home Foundation through the provision of household furnishings. The furniture donation programs, instead of furniture vouchers for low income families, however, should be through the referring organizations working with Make a Home.

You can check the organizations from and contact one of them to find out if your family or someone you know are eligible for this program. Once you finally have a case manager, she or he will download the furniture request to be filled out and sent to Make a Home. Bear in mind that applicants cannot make an appointment for themselves.

  1. Mustard Seed of Central Florida

Located in Florida, this organization can also help you with furniture vouchers for low income families through its furniture program, one of the various services offered. First of all, to be eligible to apply for this low income furniture grants, a referral obtained from an authorized Mustard Seed Referring Agency first. This way, the representative from the referring agency will pay your home a visit to determine your eligibility before referring you to the organization for any assistance.

To receive the furniture from the program, call Mustard Seed and bring these to your appointment: client referral form, client checklist, photo ID’s for adults who live in the home, birth certificates for minor children who live in the home, processing fee of $150, and transportation to haul the furniture.

  1. Project Home Again

This And over, Massachusetts-based organization provides recycled household furniture and even appliances and goods for the low income families. One of its programs, Good Night’s Sleep, is where those who are in need find new mattresses to sleep on every night instead of only furniture vouchers for low income families.

To participate in this program instead of the organization’s furniture vouchers for low income families, you need to have a social or case worker first so he or she can e0mail Project Home Again to request for a partnering agreement. Only when the agreement is finally filled out successfully and returned, your agent may request mattresses for you. The agent needs to make sure that the quantity and size needed for every client is included in the e-mail.

Those are only a few places where you can get new furniture, mostly for free by using the furniture vouchers for low income families. You may also want to try the more traditional way, such as driving around, if you have a vehicle, to see the furniture other families no longer use. Websites such as Kijiji, Craiglist, or Gumtree also have a free furniture section where you can find items the owners are willing to give away if you pick them up.

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