How To Use Western Union Money Tracking Feature And Supports

Western Union is the leader, especially in the international payment services. They support small business as well as global corporations. Having families near or far away, Western Union helps people move money. They have completed over 800 million of transactions in 2017. Now, they are available with their western union money tracking solution for their users.

Western Union has supported the family to send money to others, do international payments, cash management solutions, and more. Today, they help more than 100,000 clients including educational and financial institutions to do cross-border payments and they provide western union money tracking for easier tracking method.


How To Send Money Online With Western Union

Western Union has been working for 144 years to help people send and receive money. This company is able to send money, even to more than 200 countries as well as territories.

Here are the steps on how to send the money through the Western Union:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the estimated price
  3. Enter the amount of money to send, including the country that you are sending and the zip code of the city.
  4. Choose the options to send online, in person, with the phone or mobile app.
  5. Choose the payment method such as credit or debit card, or bank account.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to send your money.

On, you can send money with their 24/7 help. There are some possible ways to send your money with western online, as below:

1. Online

You can send money to your family with the use of or the mobile app. However, you have to register first for a free account. Alternatively, log in to your profile first. Here, you can use various services so you can complete your transactions. Western Union provides you the option to pay with your credit card or bank account. Even you can use debit card to send the money to other bank accounts, agent locations, or even a mobile phone. After that, they will send you the confirmation e-mail. In addition, you can use the tracking number. With Western Union money tracking, you can make sure that your money goes to the right place.

2. In-person

Western Union also supports old-fashioned method. They have more than 500,000 agent locations in the world that are ready to help you. Moreover, they help you send the money in a while. They work to help you send your money to a bank account or mobile phone. Alternatively, they provide next-day service. This is a great feature so that your family can pick up the money in cash by using prepaid card at the agent locations.

3. By phone

It is not a big deal if you are not at home. You can pick up your phone and then dial their toll-free number. Their representatives will be immediately helping you. However, you should have your credit or debit card so you can start sending your money. They provide this service for more than 200 countries and territories on earth!

4. Use mobile app

How To Receive Money By Western Union

Perhaps you are receiving money for yourself. Alternatively, you are helping your family member to take the received money. First, you should ask the sender the delivery method they used. If they sent it cash, it means you have to visit an agent location. However, you need two things to bring, which are your government-issued ID, and the tracking number we call Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from your sender.

On the other hands, if the sender sent it on a prepaid card, you can call the number at the back of the prepaid card. Another way to do is to log in to your account and check the available funds.

In addition, it is possible to receive the money in the bank account as the mobile wallet deposit. Unfortunately, these options are not always ready. Therefore, you should ask the Western Union representatives. Alternatively, check their website out to find whether they provide these options or not.

Western Union Tracking For Money Order

It is normal when you are paying with the money order and you would like to know that the receiver was the right person to cash it. Otherwise, someone may steal the money. It can be a difficult process, but it is necessary to contact the recipient.

Personal checks are different from money orders. In fact, money orders are not directly connected to your bank account. Therefore, there is no evidence to find money order clearing. Nevertheless, it is still possible for you to do western union money tracking payment by placing your request with the issuer.

To cash a money order, we have to call a toll-free number. After 30 days, the issuer needs to send a copy of the money order that shows the person cashed or deposited it, or the notice whether this person has cashed the money order or not. You can cancel and get the refund if the money order is still outstanding.

To verify that your recipient has cashed the money order, you have to call 1-800-999-9660. After that, you can fill out the forms and then pay the fees. In case that you need a copy of the cashed money order, you should fill out the form. Alternatively, you can use the back of your money order receipt. Besides, you should not submit the request until your recipient has processed the money order. However, you can cancel the money order. To do so, you have to pay $15 and they process it within 30 days.

In this point, it is best to keep our receipt once you buy a money order. Otherwise, Western Union will charge extra $30 to research your money order. You can submit the request in person, by fax, or by email. For further information, please check their money order service pages.

Western Union Tracking Payment

If you have received any payment through money order, your bank will handle the payment process. It is possible for you to deposit the payment to your bank account just as you would cash the money order or deposit a check.

If you have experienced money order fraud, you should contact the issuer. Still, you can verify the funds on the payments or find any information that it is a fake. Moreover, you should not spend the money before the funds are clear. This process may take a few weeks, even though your bank’s policy allows you using the money as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the order’s fake, you have to repay the amount of the money, as the bank requires you to do so.

How To Track Your Money Transfer By Using Western Union

Western Union money tracking is available when you register yourself online with Western Union and then make a payment. This is their great service so all their users can transfer their money with ease and safety. However, it is impossible to track the money transfer order if you have misplaced the information.

Once you completed a transaction by using Western Union, you will get Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), this is a unique number that can support your specific transfer. Here, you can use it so you can do Western Union money tracking by online or through the customer service. To do so, you will need your MTCN, the first name and the last name of your senders.

Western Union money tracking for money transfer order is also available if you are using their Money in Minutes service. We also call it as a card-to-cash service. In this case, your receiver is necessary to have the MTCN to pick up the funds at the agent location. To avoid any error and to make the process easier, you should have the correct information.

Western Union also supports you to find the date that your recipient has collected the money order. However, you should provide the money order serial number, the first and the last name of the payee and purchaser and the last is the amount of money you sent.

Here are the steps of Western Union money tracking transfer:

  1. Visit Western Union Portal for your country.
  2. Enter the necessary details in the form, including your MTCN, the 10-digit number.
  3. If you have lost your MTCN, visit the Western Union Portal.

Western Union Money Tracking Through Customer Care

In fact, you cannot track prepaid cards, money orders, gift cards, and Online FX payments through the portal. You should do Western Union money tracking through the customer care hotline. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Contact 1-800-999-9660
  2. Enter 11-digit of the number on the Money Order Receipt. After that, add the pound/hashtag sign #.
  3. Enter the dollars and cents, after that add the pound/hashtag sign #
  4. During your call, you will hear the date the recipient cashed the money order.

Tips To Do Western Union Money Tracking Transfer

Here are several tips related to Western Union money tracking transfer:

  • Check the status of the order periodically
  • Keep the details of the order safe to prevent fraud
  • Do not give your MTCN to other persons you cannot trust

Tracking A Missing Money Order

To do money orders are not expensive. Besides, it is the secure method to send funds in the worldwide. It is also useful since it is prepaid. If you are a business owner and you use a money order to pay a service from a vendor, you do not have to worry that they will return your check due to the insufficient funds or the cash lost in your mail.

In addition, money orders help you trace and replace your missing money. The process is simple because you only have to submit your inquiry and then your provider will track the missing money order. They will also replace it if no one has cashed the money order. Here are the steps on how to start Western Union money tracking for missing money:

  1. Use your receipt when you purchased the money order. By using a Western Union, the receipt is at the bottom portion. Usually, you can purchase money orders on Western Union at supermarkets, check the cashing shops as well as convenience stores. In addition, each receipt comes with the unique serial number. This serial number or MTCN is important so you can do Western Union money tracking and replace the missing money order.
  2. Fill in the receipt any information when you purchase the money order. Moreover, you have to enter your name, your business’ name, your address, as well as the date and the amount of the money.
  3. Bring the receipt to the local agent where you purchased a money order. Check the receipt because you must fill it out completely and pay the fee. After that, they will do Western Union money tracking. They will replace the money order if no one has cashed it. On the other words, they will refund the money.
  4. Complete the research request in case you do not have the receipt. You can get this form on the Western Union website. Alternatively, you can get the blank form by visiting the agent near you. After that, print the form and then mail it together with the fee to the address shown on the form.

Western Union Money Tracking – Frequent Questions

Here are the following frequently asked questions when it comes to Western Union money tracking:

  • Receiving money online through e-banking

If you have e-banking account and it is active with the WU’s participating bank agent, you can log in to your account and go to WU money transfer service, enter your MTCN, the sender’s name, the sender’s country, and the payout amount.

  • Receiving money through ATM

Visit the nearest ATM, insert the bank card and check WU money transfer services, enter the MTCN of the senders, the country, and the payout amount.

  • Steps to receive money through mobile

Open the app or log in to the e-banking mobile account, check the WU Money transfer services, enter the MTCN of the sender, the country, and the payout amount.

  • The acceptable documents to pick up money in Turkey

Turkish citizens must have a passport, national ID card with picture or driver’s license. For non-Turkish citizens, they should provide national passport, permanent resident identification, European Union ID card, blue card and others.

  • Ways to know that your money transfer has been received

Western Union money tracking is available by using Track a Transfer on the official site. Alternatively, contact the customer service center toll-free number. The available hours are From Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m to 9 p.m.

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