Grants for Library Furniture

Grants for library furniture are often available from various organizations and foundations that recognize the importance of libraries for education in the United States. Hopefully, the grant can improve the quality of the education and help the community to get the latest educational improvements.

In general, the money from these educational grants can be used for but not limited to library furniture. The school can use it to purchase desks, chairs and office furniture too. We’ve listed several possible grant opportunities that can provide schools with the furniture, or some money to buy the furniture.


List of Grants for Library Furniture Provider

3M Company Contributions Program

The first source is the 3M Company Contributions Program. The program provides funding through grants for selected schools, in which the money can be used for various equipment needed by the schools, including library furniture. The grant award varies from $5,000 to $50,000. This organization’s office is located in St Paul, Minnesota. Call (651) 733-0144 for more information about the deadline and the requirements.

AMB Foundation

This foundation provides the same funding scheme as the previous program. It basically gives the school some money which can be used for the school equipment. The grant award is smaller, ranging from $2,000 to $12,000. To learn about the program guidelines, please send your letter to AMB Foundation office at P.O. Box 94717, Phoenix, AZ 85070-4717.

Gifts in Kind International

If your school has a nonprofit status, then the Gift in Kind International can be your source for getting that ever needed library furniture. This organization spreads out donations in the form of furniture, which can be used for library and other rooms in the school. To see more information about this program, please visit their official link available on our reference section or make a call to (703) 836-2121.

Toshiba America Foundation

There are many grants opportunities coming from private corporate foundations. One of them is this, the Toshiba America Foundation that provides grants for school equipments, including furniture. Every year, each selected school receives up to $20,000 from the grant. To learn more about the opportunity, please visit their official site (link is provided below) and download the application form. Alternatively, you can call their office at (212) 596-0620 to ask for more information.

The Robert S. and Eloise C. Bowers Foundation

Another good source of grant is the Robert S. and Eloise C. Bowers foundation, providing several grants for furniture. To learn about this grant we recommend you to call them at (405) 202-7708, and inquire about the requirements etc. The money given varies in each school, but, in general, the school can get up to $12,500 in a single grant.

There are many other grants that can be used to purchase the school library furniture. In general, the Department of Education usually has a list of programs that can provide you with such benefits. Alternatively, you can go to to see the available grant opportunities from the government. You can easily narrow the search down with the grants for library furniture keyword.


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