Financial Help for Abused Women

Financial Help for Abused Women – Many of the abused women are living as stay-at-home mothers. This creates a difficult condition for them to leave such an abusive relationship because they are afraid of facing financial hardship. These women are often trapped in the false hope that they can rescue their relationship simply because the man apologizes and promises not to do it again. On the other hand, the man doesn’t allow the woman to gain sufficient control of the money, which increases the dependency of these abused women.

Therefore, these women need to know that there is help available, both mentally and financially. We are here to help you with that matter. Hopefully, you can use the resources we’ve provided in this post for the best use.


Financial Help for Abused Women Sources

Domestic Violence Shelters

As you know, housing is one ff the biggest expenses for most Americans. Abused women are often reluctant to leave their relationship because they simply have nowhere to go. But that is not necessarily the case. There are many organizations that can help provide temporary domestic violence shelters. What’s great is that they don’t only give a hand on the housing problem. Some organizations that provide such service also provide other assistance, including counseling, legal services, education, child care and even financial help. We highly recommend you to search for your local domestic violence shelters and ask them for help. If you are unsure where to look, you can always call 211, provided by the United Way. These guys can help you connect with the correct organization available in your area.

Usually, these organizations work together with the government to help abused women. The funding comes from donation and government support, such as the grant from the Office on Violence against Women of the US Department of Justice.

Government Programs

Although it’s not advertised as often as other services, there are support services from the government too! Typically administered by state government, there are many domestic violence programs that can assist abused women in many ways, including financially. For example, there’s the Oregon’s Temporary Assistance for Domestic Violence Survivors program. To learn the location of the programs in your local area, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.

Crime Victim Compensation

The National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Board is available in many states in the United States. Typically it is given to women who cooperate with police or prosecutors. You can contact their office and ask for information related to the eligibility and the requirements.

Nonprofit Organizations

There are many organizations that have the same view on domestic violence. Although the number is not that great and they don’t always provide grants or financial help; these organizations often provide assistance in the form of training or free services such as free financial skill training program or dental reconstruction.

Getting a grant help abused women is possible, but you also need to remember that you must have another form of assistance too! Don’t give up!


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