Is there Any Way to Get a Car with No Job?

Is there Any Way to Get a Car with No Job?. In this competitive world, finding a job is vital for a low-income family. The job provides economic stability to an individual and the family. To earn is to travel. You have to travel from one place to another to find the best opportunity to work that can help you run basic errands for you and your family.

However, the poor economic condition makes it indispensable to manage everyday transportation from work to home; especially if your hometown has less than an excellent public transportation system. It can be tough for job seekers to manage everyday transportation and find a job. Monthly car payments can quickly drain away from the limited resources, and without a vehicle, just getting to work can be challenging. But, thanks to the number of organization and charities that provides a free car for low-income families!

Several charitable organizations are out there to help individuals with no job. A person who has no income resources and is downtrodden due to any natural calamity can have access to free cars. Let’s have a quick look at the available resources for free cars for a person with no job and how it can help them.


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Where Can I Get Free Cars?

Free Vehicles from the Goodwill Agency

In Michigan, a growing number of low-income families are getting free cars for transportation. This is all due to the great non-profit group of Goodwill Agency in Northern Michigan to hit the path of success. They are working with “workers on wheels” program in partnership with Jack’s Auto Sales and Service, which is a local car dealer selling and servicing old cars in the Michigan area. Jack’s Auto Sales and Service find a customer who wants to sell their old cars for the WOW program due to any personal reason. Jack then sells the luxury car to purchase small, medium-range city cars, then these cars are donated and distributed to the eligible candidates. The Goodwill receives the high-value vehicle that low-income families cannot afford; they then work with the car dealer to sell the car and purchase two to three reliable vehicles that better fit the needs and capabilities of WOW recipients.

Goodwill Agency is functional in more than 164 locations in the United States, Canada, and Michigan area. Apart from providing free cars for low-income families, it offers customized job training, employment, and several other services for unemployed, physically challenged, homeless, jobless people. You can find them near you; visit the website for complete information.

Join the Vehicles for Change Program

Did you know, what makes a car important for a jobless person? Let us help you understand the facts and figures. Transportation plays an important role to get a better job and earn better to run your errands. A number of qualified and talented individuals miss opportunities in life due to improper transportation facilities in a remote location. Even in some developed regions with a strong transit system, many low-income families have trouble reaching their job for which they are qualified. You can see people switching for low paid opportunities due to improper transit access. Having a car gives better job opportunities and flexibility to work overtime and earn more.

Vehicles for Change is an organization that works for those jobless and low-income families with free cars. Vehicles for Change empower low-income families to achieve financial stability with the ownership of the new car and reentry internship programs. Whether a family faces difficulties with transportation or an individual looking for better job opportunities, the organization aims at providing personal independence through ownership of a car and technical training.

VFC opened its first training center in the year 1999 outside Baltimore, Maryland. Since 1999, more than 6200 cars are awarded to low-income families. Soon, the organization got many awards for providing free cars for low-income families. Currently, the organization serves in Maryland, Washington, D.C, Virginia, Detroit, and Michigan. VFC has improved over 22000 lives, 75% of jobless persons are employed and earning better, their average annual income increased by $7,000 and it has reduced the transportation time to 60 minutes on average for every family. Our car donation program made daily transportation simple and easier. VFC works to improve the lives of individuals and families with poor financial conditions only.

Free Cars from Good News Garage

In 1996, the Lutheran Social Service community started a nonprofit program named Good News Garage to provide free cars for low-income families. Since the organization has donated 4400 cars to the needy people in England and several other states. The program runs in the New England area, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. It collects donated cars from donors from a different location and distributes them to eligible applicants only. Good News Garage is a win-win situation for both recipients and donors. Car recipients can have better job options and have a better lifestyle; Car donors receive free towing and a tax deduction.

This program aims at creating new economic opportunities for jobless individuals with the help of the right transportation option; it provides a safe and affordable mode of transportation for people in need. This program is available in several locations, but each state has its own terms and conditions for eligibility. You need to take some time to read the guidelines and then ask for assistance. Each application for free cars is reviewed and thoroughly checked; then only cars are provided.

How can you find free car programs?

When you search for free cars for low-income families, you can get a number of results. Go through them, have a thorough understanding of how they work rules, restrictions, eligibility criteria, and many more things, and then apply. If your application matches, then you will receive a free car without spending a dollar even.

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