Grants for Domestic Violence Shelters

Recently there’s an increasing inquiry about grants for domestic violence shelters. This increase is following the recent decision from the federal government to make budget cuts for these shelters, and now many of these shelters are struggling to keep providing services for those who are in need. As you know, most of the organizations running the shelters rely on funding from various sources, but two of the largest sources of funding the federal government aid and also from donations.

Therefore, these nonprofit organizations must get the best information on available programs and grants that can help their cause. That is exactly what this post is trying to give, good information on grants that you can use. If you happen to know of other opportunities, we would appreciate it if you could tell us about them, and we’ll update the information as soon as possible.


List of Grants for Domestic Violence Shelters

Below is the list of grants available in the United States that aim to help nonprofit organization on running the shelters:

The United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) Grant Programs

There are more than twenty grants given by the USDOJ’s Office on Violence against Women (OVW). As much as 18 grants are distributed directly by the USDOJ, and each of them comes with various focuses which include rural programs, cultural programs, funding for children exposed to domestic violence, including the transitional housing programs for victims and domestic violence. As one would have suspected, there are different deadlines and requirements for each of the grant. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, you should visit their official site available in our reference section.

The Mary Kay Foundation Domestic Violence Shelter Grant Program

Every year, the foundation provides financial help for various women’s domestic violence shelters in every state.  At least one shelter in every state got the grant. The grant amount may differ year to year, depending on the funding. However, in 2012 the foundation gave out $3 million for more than 150 shelters across the country. To learn more about the deadline and the guidelines, please visit their official site.

The Allstate Foundation Moving Ahead Grant Programs

There are three grant programs coming from this foundation. They are the Curriculum Grant Program, Economic Empowerment Grant Program and Allstate Foundation Regional Program. All three programs will help women to get out from abusive relationship, and also support the local community effort to help these women. That means domestic violence shelters are included in this category. We encourage nonprofit organizations that manage these shelters to contact the foundation and ask about the eligibility and the deadline for the program.

Last but not least, we hope that readers can understand that grants are limited, and should not be used as your organization’s primary income. You also need to write a good grant proposal, one that would move the grant givers’ heart.

We sincerely hope that you get sufficient information on grants for domestic violence shelters. We hope that this post help anyone who needs it!

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