Energy Efficiency Grants For Homeowners

Energy Efficiency Grants For Homeowners are vital points in the effort in encouraging the energy saving movement. An energy efficient home will help to reduce the cost of your monthly bills, and your family also contributes to the making the world a better place.

Recently the government has decided to put several possible benefits for those who installed green and energy efficient systems in their home. Some of these benefits are in the form of tax incentives, tax credits, and grants. Usually, this financial assistance come AFTER you’ve installed the system at your own cost. Several things that are considered as energy efficiency upgrades are insulation upgrades, windows upgrades, and even appliances upgrade (such as solar energy units for a water heater or home heater).

Getting Ready

The first an important step in getting the grant for energy efficiency is to learn about your home and about the grant. Grant applications can be quite complex, and you may want to prepare early. Don’t wait until you’re near the deadline. There are many homeowners fail to submit their application on time because they underestimate the application process. Check the required documentation, and learn about the limitations and other requirements. If there are additional documents needed (such as the tax forms), prepare them.


The Energy Efficiency Grants for Homeowners

Below is the list of available grants in this category:

Department of Energy EERE –

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) office of the Department of Energy provides financial assistance for eligible homeowners, nonprofits, industries and even government agencies to develop energy efficiency and renewable energy buildings.

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

The Federal government provides tax credits for homeowners who have installed energy efficient units in their home. There are some additional requirements, though. For example, homeowners should have the system installed first, only after that they can apply for the grant.

Aside of the solar energy or wind energy grant, there are also government weatherization grants that provide financial assistance if you install energy efficient utilities, including insulation, appliances, and even windows. This benefit also comes in the form of tax credit. We highly recommend you to check out the IRS site to see the incentives available for the energy efficient appliances and follow the instruction available.

Tax Incentive Assistance Project (TIAP)

This one is not actually a program that provides grants for homeowners. That said, this program can be very useful for people wanting to get assistance for their energy efficient homes. The project collects much information about our previously explained tax incentives, available for homeowners, contractors, and businesses.

So as you can see, there are several federal programs supporting the energy efficient or renewable energy systems. If you are planning on making a new home or performing a major home improvement, you may want to consider getting the grant into your plan. Note that some of these grants are also available for contractors.

We sincerely hope that through this post you learn the things you need for getting energy efficiency grants for homeowners


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