How To Get Environmental Research Grants

Environmental Research Grants – If you are currently studying or working on the subject of environmental issues, you may need a lot of money to conduct a research, thus the need of environmental research grants. As everyone in the field knows, the cost for an environmental research could be really high, as it will need some preparation, expensive tools and process as well to hire human resources to ensure the quality of the research. There is unlikely to researcher or student to pay for all the research expenses by him/her so they have to look for the funding somewhere else.

Fortunately the government as well as various private institutions who are concerned in the environmental issue acknowledged this issue and provide thousands of environmental research grants to help the researcher for the funding. The environmental research grants are offered for various projects from pollution prevention to children’s health, waste management or pollution level research.


Environmental Research Grants Provider

Here we will provide you information regarding where and how the steps to get the grant. Like we said before there are a lot of grants from both government-funded agency and institution that offer the environmental research grants here are some of them:

  • EREF or the Environmental Research and Education Foundation: the agency provides private grant for research concerning on solid waste management or education. The research grant related with solid waste management and education to increased community awareness offered by the EREF research council is in line with its research agenda which is decided annually. There are two windows to join the research grant proposal each year for the grants ranges from $15,000 to $500,000. For further information about this research grant you can visit the organization’s website.
  • NCER or the National Center for Environmental Research, a government institution under Environment Protection Agency of the U.S offer environmental research grants named STAR program. The program provides the grant for research related to environmental issues such as pollution prevention, children’s health and drinking water. The program is quite popular among environmental researcher as the NCER agency receives around 2,000 to 2,500 research proposal every year. From such number the agency granted 150 research grants for the selected proposals. The grant is available every year and you have to submit a complete request proposal to be considered as an applicant.
  • Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy is also offering grant for environmental research. The office of science grants are literary open for everyone from individuals, local or state government, for profit organizations, non-profit organizations, colleges and students all are invited to propose for these grants. The grants are awarded for projects related to biological and environmental research, climate and environmental sciences, biological system science, basic energy science, computing programs, and network environment research. These grants are awarded annually and you should submit a complete application proposal to the Office of Science in order to compete for the grants.

Like we say before there are a lot of environmental research grants available that you can get with some effort, for further information you can visit each agency’ respective website or the

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