Who Accepts Mattress Donations? Donate it to These 6 Places

Who accepts mattress donations? Getting a new mattress is a joy because you can feel the comfort of rest that you have longed for. But then you remember that you need to get rid of your old mattress. What do you think you need to do to solve this problem? But before tossing your current one your mattress can find a new home or be repurposed.

For financial and practical reasons, it is an excellent solution for old mattresses. With a little research, it’s easy to give your old bed a second life. You can donate your old mattress if it is still in good condition and suitable for use.


Who Accepts Mattress Donations?

But who accepts mattress donations? Many places can accept your mattress donation depending on the condition. For donors, there are many reasons why people donate their mattresses. You are maybe upgrading your bed size or mattress type when you need a new mattress.

Some donate because their mattress springs have changed. Also, some donate because they want the latest model mattress. Some donate because their children are already living alone.

You can donate your old mattress if you don’t want to throw it away or recycle it. They can be used by others in need at shelters or other organizations that accept mattress donations. Many organizations accept mattress donations and also offer free pick-up or drop-off locations. Let’s get into the list of many places and ways to donate your mattress. Then you can rest easy because your old mattress has been taken care of.

Here are some alternatives to who accepts mattress donations.

1. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army accepts mattress donations and they have a large network. You can schedule a pick-up time for one of their trucks to pick up your old mattress.

This international organization helps people with different needs including disaster relief, hunger, poverty, addiction, etc. When you donate to The Salvation Army, they will sell your mattress in the shops and collect the money to find their programs.

2. Who Accepts Mattress Donations – Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a worldwide company dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a safe place. They collect donations of goods and sell them for home building and home improvement programs. Habitat for Humanity accepts mattress donations and also has delivery services at several locations.

Habitat for Humanity has a database that will allow you to find the closest facility that is called a ReStore. You can contact ReStore to determine which items they need and how to best donate them.

3. Furniture Bank Association of America

The Furniture Bank Association of America (FBA) provides essential furniture for those living in poverty. They provide furniture very cheaply or with no cost at all.

There are more than 80 furniture banks throughout North America. They can take your old mattress if you live within 15-20 miles of the location of one of the ‘furniture banks’. The FBA could be your answer if you want to find out who accepts mattress donations.

4. Who Accepts Mattress Donations – Local Charity

In addition to national or international charities that accept mattress donations, you can also find out about local charities that accept mattress donations. Local charities can resell your mattress for program funding or give it to someone in need. If you’re far from any charities, you can check out your local options via the phone book.

Some charities will be grateful to receive mattresses in usable condition. What might be a common thing for you could be heaven for others less who are fortunate than you. However, most will require your mattress to be in good condition and not become a health hazard to others, especially young children.

Contact a local charity near your home. Ask if they accept mattress donations. In addition, find out about the condition of the mattress they received.

5. Who Accepts Mattress Donations – Local Shelter

There are many shelters for the homeless, or women, men, and children. They will gladly accept your mattress donation. Just one mattress that you donate can provide a comfortable bed for the mother and her children. Your mattress may even accommodate 3-4 small children who previously slept on the hard floor.

6. Social Media to Advertise Your Mattress

If you can’t find a donation center, online marketplaces, such as Craigslist, Facebook, and Letgo, have free listing sections. One of the classified ad sites that you can use is Craigslist. They are an online classifieds site that can be found in almost every region of the world. Post a free ad in your area to offer mattresses.

Posting your free mattress on one of these sites allows someone in need to retrieve your old mattress. It may take a while to reply to messages and schedule a pickup, but it’s generally a quick and easy process. But be careful with strangers. Make sure you’re not alone when scheduling an appointment. When planning a pick-up, be careful to provide your home address. Do your best to meet the person in public. You can bring someone with you if possible.

Advertising your mattress can be another alternative. You don’t have to sell it, you can give it away for free and ask people to pick it up. You can also take advantage of social media and announce it to your network about your mattress donation. Who knows there are friends or family who are interested in the announcements you make. Just put a picture and description in your post, and before you know it – no more extra mattresses to deal with!


In conclusion, the list above can help you find who accepts mattress donations. However, some organizations do not accept mattresses due to contamination reasons. If you want to donate it, check your mattress’s condition, also make sure your mattress is clean and disinfected. Some of them require cleaning before your mattress finds a new owner. If you don’t want to clean it yourself, You can ask professionals to clean and sanitize it.

That is all information you must know when you want to donate your mattress to these places. You can share this article to your social media to help more people in needs of this donation.