Donate to Save Elderly

Older adults staying in nursing homes miss their families and home. A small gesture of donating some items to nursing homes gives them a homely feeling and motivation to live their lives with more comfort and happiness.

Why donate to old age shelters

In your mind, this can be the first question as a donation of money is the most popular nowadays.

Indeed we forget that there are more straightforward ways where through which we can donate to the society, simpler than just paying cash without knowing the actual cause.

Old age shelters often require extra help and donations, especially during winter holidays and rainy seasons. So if you want to spread some kindness, do it to them because they are the people staying away from their loved ones because of some uncomfortable circumstances and situations. They will value your time and every piece of donation towards them, .so help them donate them and get their unconditional love and blessings.


Items you can donate to old age shelters

#1 Personal care items

Undoubtedly, the items you donate will be beneficial to them. It doesn’t matter the weather outside; donating personal care items is the most important thing you can contribute.

Here is the list of items that you can donate as personal care item

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Bodywash, soaps, and hair shampoos
  • Hand soap and sanitizers
  • Brushes, combs
  • Towels and napkins
  • Hair oil and moisturizers

#2 Donate cookware/food

You can only donate non-perishable food items and cookware in good condition. Donations of food can be best paired with local market stores and charities to know what would be the best according to their age and health.

In addition, you can donate pots, containers, utensils, cookware, spoons, serving dishes, and cutlery.

#3 Donation of clothes

Donating clothes is one of the most—common ways to contribute to the elderly shade. But, at the same time, you should know what kind of clothes are accepted.So it’s better to check the clothing requirements before donating.

Items in clothes can include

  • Shawls
  • Socks
  • Towels
  • Innerwear
  • Dresses

#4 Games and puzzles

Give a gift to the older adults that can keep them engaged and minds active and provide hours of fun. Games like scrabble, checkers, chess, and Jenga would be beneficial.

#5  Medical kit

You can contact the particular shelters and note the required medicines according to their needs and requirements. In addition, you can include masks, gloves, band-aids, medicated wipes, and bandages in the donation kits,

#6 Large print books

Reading is one of the best ways to pass their time and keep their minds sharp, and larger fonts will help them make sure everyone can enjoy them.

#7 Fresh fruits

Fresh fruit is one of the frequently requested items; according to employees of the nursing homes, it’s better for them than hard solid food. Keeping in mind any members’ dietary restrictions, you can also set a monthly delivery of fruits for them.

#8 Time

The most beautiful donation can be your time. Not every resident has loved ones who often visit .you can make a new friend. Spend time with them and read to someone you don’t know or ask them how their day was; most people would love socializing and companionship.

#9 Diabetic socks

It’s common among residents to have diabetes, and those unique socks make lie so comfortable .make sure they are slip-resistant.

#10 Flashlights

A flashlight can be one of the most recommended and requested items for donation. It would be beneficial for them to read, to search for their items in the dark easily.

#11 Furniture

Many older adults have backbone issues and different cervical pain. You can ask about the requirements and donate some foldable chairs, mattresses, beds, and walking sticks.

#12 Senior-friendly manicure kits

Many older adults have nails that are hard to cut—donating a nail kit that works efficiently for toenails and may not exert. In addition, a firm grip can be handy.

#13 Denture adhesive, cleansers

According to the dental experts and some expert researched articles, loose, painful teeth or ill-fitting dentures are common. So donating these items will reduce their burden and help them a lot.

#14 Cleaning supplies

You can also donate the cleaning items to their nursing homes like

  • Dishwasher
  • Washroom cleaning liquids
  • Mops
  • Floor mats
  • Brooms
  • Room freshener


Donating valuable items to elderly shelters is a great way to give back to society. Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate as you are, so we should always be ready to donate a few affordable things to make their lives easy and happy. Get the items noted in your list and consult the local charities that they accept and contribute to the elderly shelters as much as you can.