Is Doctors Without Borders A Good Charity?

Yes, it is a non-profit organization with a mission to save lives. It is one of the best charities to which you can donate. Independent watchdogs, including Charity Navigator, highly rate Doctors Without Borders.

Doctors Without Borders effectively provides valuable lifesaving medical assistance and care where it is needed the most. So, when disasters strike, conflicts flare, and epidemics spread- they are on the ground. The team provides medical treatments which are urgently needed. And, also gives medical assistance to people who often have nowhere to turn for medical treatments.


How often may Doctors Without Borders take donations?

You can either donate once or every month. Then, according to your choice, you can select the tax-deductible gift amount and donate.

Moreover, you can choose the option of a tribute or honor gift. So, when you select this option, Doctors Without Borders send a tribute certificate, or you may receive an e-card acknowledging your donation. In most cases, people may also prefer to remain anonymous.

Now, you may be wondering about the donation options you get to donate to Doctors Without Borders! So stay relaxed, and we are here to help!

Donation Options for You

Donor-advised funds (DAF) donations

It’s easy to initiate your grant recommendation. DAFs are easily set up through community foundations or financial institutions to serve as flexible charitable giving vehicles. So, if you are looking to establish more on DAF, you can contact your financial foundation or your community foundation.

Why are the Donor-advised funds used?

  • Remember that individuals’ situations being varying. You, as a donor, should consult their advisors.
  • Easy to turn your portfolios into an impactful gifts to save lives.
  • Eliminates donated stock and also capital gains. Indeed, the giving accounts see the potential to grow. And it provides additional funding.
  • It is easier to make recurring gifts. It helps us to be prepared for the next emergency.

Additionally, you can quickly put your charitable dollars into action to respond to disasters and emergencies with a direct grant.

Donate stocks and mutual funds

Here are the reasons which will help you understand the need to donate appreciated stocks.

Undoubtedly, gifting stocks is a powerful and straightforward way to support lifesaving work. In a good light, Doctors Without Borders are doing it every day. It also offers several financial benefits:

  • You can easily donate appreciated binds, stocks, and even mutual funds.
  • The total value of the stock upon transfer is tax-deductible
  • Plus, you get no obligation (of any form) to pay capital gains taxes.

To know how you can make a stock donation, you can go here:

Workplace giving and matching gifts

Indeed it is one of the best philanthropic initiatives for a rewarding charitable organization. It is tracked when an employee donates a non-profit organization, and the employer contributes to the organization. That means it’s dollar for dollar. In this manner, companies sometimes match donations made by retirees, spouses, and board members.

Also, the MSF supporters can request a matching gift from their employees online, via payroll, by email.

Are these gifts tax-deductible (company and individual)?

Yes, these matching gifts are tax-deductible for the company and also for individual donations.

So, it’s the right time to make the matching gift donation online!

To complete the process, you have to make a gift-matching online donation. Just put the employer’s name and enter the professional email address.

Legacy Giving

Indeed, it is one of the lasting gifts in Doctors Without Borders. It has advanced the mission to help others and ensure the enhanced ability to provide medical aid to people in need. The organization has done this for more than 50 years now!

How can you be of help?

You can leave a planned gift in your will. Undoubtedly, charitable gifts by will are the best sources of support for the needy. Plus, since it is an unrestricted gift, it gives the most excellent flexibility to utilize funds effectively. Moreover, in most cases, it provides an income for yourself. Click here to know everything you need to donate through legacy giving.

Is corporate support also possible with Doctors Without Borders?

Yes, it is! And all the thanks go to the generosity and support of different companies.

A corporate inquiry form can help you know and step ahead to help the needy on time! Go here :


Doctor Without Borders is indeed a legit organization that aims to help people in need. They help with medical assistance for people who can turn nowhere and needs urgent medical care. The team is top-notch and credible.

Lend a helping hand today to create a better world of tomorrow!