Who Accepts Mattress Donations

Are you looking forward to donating your mattress in 2021? If yes, we have the best tips for you. There are numerous ways in which you can reuse and recycle your old mattress. But, if you are looking to donate them to those who accept mattress donations, we will help you.

Donating a mattress- take care of these things!

Much of the value of the mattress will depend on the condition of the mattress. The primary reason to donate your bed can be because of the following reasons:

  • Some little thing may be wrong with your old mattress
  • Or, you may be changing the look of your house with a new one
  • Or, you may be unhappy with the old foam!

For any of the above reasons, you need to donate your mattress. Here are the potential users who accept mattress donations. Yes, they can be used as shelters, or sometimes, simply as bedding for many.


Who accepts mattress donations: Organization’s to Charities

Many charities love to donate a mattress, and the only condition is it should be in usable form. Remember that a lumpy mattress may not be an excellent option to donate as well!  Nevertheless, most people require a bed, which is at least in usable condition. It should never be a health hazard for younger people.

Here are some of the best options for you to consider:

· Mattress donation to the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an active international body that mainly operates to serve people in need globally. Indeed, it runs many charity shops around the US, UK, and Europe. So yes, it operates in around 1328 countries worldwide.

So, if you are living in proximity or close to the Salvation Army shop or charity, donating your mattress to them is a good option. The mattress should be usable and free of damage. Usually, the Salvation Army collects your mattress donation free of charge.

· Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI)

It is one such organization that works and serves sustainable and affordable solutions for people worldwide. HFHI actively responds to the pressing need of some who lacks cheap household items. Some people can’t sleep, because they don’t have a place to live!

In such a case, your old mattress can be a great help to the organization. Sometimes, they may not be using the mattress you provide but will be sold to collect money. With this money, they offer the luxury to a family to sleep on a comfortable surface.

· Furniture Bank Association of America Mattress Donations

The FBA is an association that provides essential household items of home furnishings to poverty-ridden people. Interestingly, the FBA has around 80 furniture banks around North America. It collects your old mattress from your home if your location is a maximum of 15-20 miles from their “furniture banks.”

Yes, it is one of the easiest ways to donate a mattress to people who value it.

· Other Local Charities

You can also go ahead with many local charities that will accept your mattress donation. They may be providing shelters for the homeless or poverty-ridden children and women. Your one mattress can give them a comfortable sleep and also the happiness to own it!

Apart from the above charities, others accept mattress donations.

So, who accepts mattress donations- apart from charities?

· Local shelters

You can help a bettered-women or a homeless child the happiness to sleep comfortably. Sometimes, the local shelters may ask you about the condition, or they are willing to see it. It is because they want to know the state of the mattress.  Primarily, it should be reusable and free of bed bugs. In such cases, the local shelters will accept your used mattress as a donation. Indeed, you should not expect any payment in return for it!

· Local Furniture Banks

Indeed, local furniture banks are there in many parts of the world, not only in the US. To donate your used mattress to the local furniture, you can take the help of the local search engine. But, mainly, there are local furniture banks that accept them and gift them to homeless people.

Now, knowing the right ways through which you can donate your mattress, we have something more for you!

· Craigslist on Facebook

You can take all mattresses in your hand with Craigslist Facebook

The only thing you need to do is list your mattress/bedding under the free section of Craigslist on Facebook. After that, you can meet the right person in need, face-to-face, or even send your bed to a specific location with utmost ease.


Follow the above tips to find who accepts mattress donations with the right know-how. Sometimes people in need may directly contact you through Facebook and other social media channels. Otherwise, it is an excellent option to donate your mattress to charities or organizations.