Agriculture Grants Hawaii

Agriculture Grants Hawaii – Is there any agriculture grants in Hawaii? Well, it is obvious that the answer is yes. But how can one find them? That’s easy, just read on this post and you will see several opportunities available in Hawaii through some programs available from both the federal and state government.

People living in the county of Hawaii (Big Island) can go to their local Hawaii Department of Research and Development. There are grant programs available for efforts that improve the Hawaii County’s people’s quality of life through sustainable practices in agricultural research. They also support the marketing and promotion of agricultural products.

People in County of Maui have the Economic Development Program grants, available for various economic sectors (which also include agriculture). You just need to contact the office of Economic Development in Maui at 200 S. High Street, 6th Floor or make a call to (808) 270-7710 to learn more about the grant opportunity.

There’s also a grant program in the County of Honolulu and other cities under the name of Community Development Block Grant. Although it comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) instead of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the grant is actually available for agricultural development project too. Aside of grants, there are loans and technical assistance from the same office. Contact the Department of Budget & Fiscal Services in your area.

Agriculture Grants Hawaii

Federal Agriculture Grants Hawaii

Here are some grants available to support agricultural industry in Hawaii:

1. Rural Business-Cooperative Service

The USDA Rural Development agency, through its Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBS – helps people who owns business in the area and may provide some kind of assistance.

2. Rural Development’s Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG)

There’s also the Rural Development’s Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) that can be used for agribusinesses projects. Contact the USDA Rural Development office at Hawaii State Office Room 311, Federal Building, 154 Waianuenue Avenue or call (808) 933-8302 to learn more about the opportunity.

3. Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Aside of the RBEG grant, there’s also the Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE – grant. While we’re not really sure whether they provide grants or not, we do know that the program aims to assist people to use integrated system of plant and animal production to improve food sources. Contact the program administrators at the Agricultural Science Building, Room 305, Utah State University 4865 Old Main Hill or call (435) 797-3537.

4. The Small Business Innovation Research

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR – grant can provide free money for science-based small based business firms. The grant is known to provide funds for a wide area of business type, including plant production and protection, food science and nutrition, aquaculture, and many other areas.

If you are running on a business that applies recent technology, you may be eligible for the grant. Submit your grant proposal for funding to the Director of SBIR program (currently Dr. Charles F. Cleland) at the U.S. Department of Agricultures, STOP 2243 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W. Washington D.C. You can ask for more information on this subject by calling (202) 401-4002.

5. 2501 Grants

Back in the 1990, Farm Bill started to run the 2501 Program. The goal is to support underserved farmers, foresters, and ranchers. At that time, these communities got limited access to USDA services and programs. The 2014 Farm Bill expanded this program so they include veterans.

Besides, the 2501 Program is the part of USDA. From this program, they want to show their commitment to support veteran and underserved farmers, foresters, and ranchers to participate in this program.

The grants are available for community-based and non-profitable organizations, educational institutions, and qualified tribal entities. The qualification is to have at least three years of experience working with social disadvantaged ranchers, farmers, and veteran farmers. Also, it is important to note that individual ranchers or farmers cannot apply this grant.

6.  Lineage Foundation for Good Grant

The fund for this grant is from private institution, but it is available for nationwide. The goal of the Lineage Foundation for Food Grant is to give financial support for any projects related to food insecurity. The project must offer sustainable food systems, as well.

Lineage Foundation for Food Grant is available to support nonprofit organizations, initiatives and community groups that have been working to give more access to nutritious food, and strengthen food education. Besides, the mission is to create good social and environmental impacts through eligible communities.

About the eligibility, it can vary. Usually, the eligible communities must be the nonprofit organization with the commitment to collaborate and engange in communities.

As you can see, there are many opportunities available from the government. We haven’t even listed the grants available from corporate foundations etc. Bottom line is, you should be proactive when you’re looking for Hawaii agriculture and farming grants.

FAQ – Agriculture grants in Hawaii

Here are some popular questions about agriculture grants in Hawaii:

Is Hawaii good for agriculture?

Hawaii heavy rainfall with a mid year-round climate. It also has rich soil, so it is perfect for agriculture.

What is the Hawaii Food Garden Fund?

Launched by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement together with the Hawai’i Public Health Institute, the Hawaii Food Garden Fund is a way to build 1000 edible garden to support food sovereignty.

How much money does Hawaii make from their agriculture?

Back in 2021, Hawaii made around $0.6 billion in agricultural industry, in form of cash receipts with the biggest valued commodities in crops, animals, macadamia nuts, and other products.

What are the top crops in Hawaii?

The agriculture industry can export coffee, nuts, macadamia, papayas, taro, avocados, and bananas. These are the top agricultural crops in Hawaii.

What vegetables are popular in Hawaii?

There are many vegetables that can grow well in Hawaii, such as: broccoli, bans, beets, celery, carrots, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, leeks, cauliflower, tomatoes, and peppers chard.

What are the main agricultural resources in Hawaii?

Since Hawaii has rich soil and rainfall, the state has good greenhouse and nursery products. Other important products in Hawaii are hogs, cattle, coffee, and sugar cane.

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