Scholarship for Teenage Mothers

Scholarship for Teenage Mothers – Child is a gift from God. He comes to this world to complete our life. Unfortunately, many believed that once we have a child, then our life has stopped. What makes this belief so popular? No certain answer stated for this question to date, but perhaps many of those who quit school just because having baby just wants to focus their mind and dedicate their life to their child. This is not a bad thing. Taking care of a child is a great thing.

Most moms in the world would do anything for their child. This includes quitting their school so that they can stay with their child as long as they can.  However, this might lead to another problem. As we all know, better position in a working career requires a high level of education. This means that if moms quit school, they will have limited chances to get a better career in their office due to inability to fulfill the requirements, and subsequently affects the quality of care needed by their child. For teenage mothers, now you can create your chance to create better future for both yourself and your child by pursuing a higher level of education through scholarships for teenage mothers.

Many scholarships for teenage mothers are offered to help young mothers preparing their future. Denise Davis Teen Parent scholarship is the example of a program that encourages young mothers to stay at school despite the situation. Young mothers can use this chance to pursue a higher level of education, which will be very useful for future. This program gives out $500 per year to the eligible teenage mother for financing her education. How to be eligible for this scholarship? If you want to win the Denise Davis Teen Parent scholarship, you should fulfill all the requirements below as well as the additional information required.


Scholarship for Teenage Mothers Requirements for Denise Davis Teen Parent scholarship

  1. All the program’s applicants must be holding US citizenship
  2. Potential scholarship winners have to be teen parent
  3. She can show proofs that she has been accepted into college
  4. She is in need of fund to continue study to college
  5. The applicants must include proofs of involvement in social activities
  6. The applicants must also be graduating from an Aurora, Colorado public school

Other than main requirements shared above, the applicants of the program must also provide the additional information as well as documents along with their application

  • Copy of high school transcripts
  • 2 letters of recommendation from high school faculty members
  • An essay that tells the plan of the applicants after the graduation
  • Submit the application to Aurora Public School Foundation

Applicants can get the application online.

So, what do you think? If you think that this program can help you provide better future for your child, then you should prepare everything needed to win this scholarship. Scholarships for teenage mothers availability proves that young mothers still have a chance to have bright life in the future.