5 Non-Profits Organization That Offers Free Laptops for Low-Income Families

College students often need a number of supplies for studies. Without the help of the right tools and resources, studying could be difficult. In many colleges, laptops are necessary for doing research and assignments. A laptop helps in saving time and earn money for you. Having a laptop is a necessity, not a thing of luxury.

Education is very easy; with the right textbooks, lab supplies, and laptops. That being said, not every college student comes from a wealthy family. They cannot afford to buy a laptop that costs around $500 to $1200. If you can’t afford a new laptop, then applying for grants for laptops for college students is the only solution.


Grants for free laptop is financial aid for students from a poor financial background. Those who belong from low-income families are eligible for free grants for laptops.

Grant for laptops for college students is incredible. Here are a few resources for getting free computers and laptop for low-income families.


Benefits.gov is one of the earliest E-Government initiatives launched in the year 2002 to help citizens. It is an official website of the US Government that provides all the information about government benefits available for the citizens.

The Benefits.gov provides an easy-to-use, single-window source to access information from multiple federal agencies. The organization works in collaboration with USDA, SBA, U.S Social Security Administration, U.S Department of Education, and many more. A person can easily find information about free laptops using the Benefits.gov site.

To learn more, you can use the benefits lookup tool – https://www.benefits.gov/benefit-finder#benefits&qc=cat_1

The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation or the Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology foundation helps low-income families by providing free computers, laptops, computer training, and access to the internet. Students not having a computer or laptop face a lot of difficulty in competing with other students on an academic level. By not being exposed to technology regularly, these students will lack the essential skills needed to compete and excel in the global economy.

The On It Foundation is working to bridge this technological gap. The organization provides a free laptop, computers, technical training, and more to needy ones. The On it Foundation gets donated computers and laptops from corporation and individuals. A team of network engineers upgrades them. They make sure the system is fully equipped and operational. The refurbished computers are sent directly to the qualified applicants for use. Read all the terms and conditions from On It Foundation website (http://theonitfoundation.org/) before applying for the grant program.

Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

The Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse, Aftrr.org is a community of non-profit technology refurbishers who works to help the low-income students and families. The National Cristina Foundation started this project. It is a 501c3 established organization for thirty years ago and charged with a mission to promote technological reuse.

AFTRR is an identity for various non-profit organizations, individuals and affiliates. The members of this community are available in a different size, organization model, populations served, staffing, and related resources. All of the group members targets one mission – Digital Divide. AFTRR members are available in almost any location in the US. Anyone seeking free grants for laptops for college students can find the nearest location online. Use the interactive map provided on the Aftrr.org (https://www.aftrr.org/map-locator/) to locate and learn about the nonprofit refurbishers in your area. Find more information from the website itself.


EveryoneOn is a non-profit organization in the USA that connects low-income families with technology. Started in the year 2012, EveryoneOn offers affordable internet service, computers and tablets, and digital literacy training for qualifying families only. It has connected 70,000 residents in 48 states with internet facilities, which helped in creating new opportunities and possibilities for them. The organization aims at bringing a new change in society by 2020.

Anyone can apply for free aids by EveryoneOn. Applicants need to qualify for the eligibility criteria. Locate the nearby Connect2compete program near you, answer a few questions, and take advantage of the free grants for laptops for college students. Check the everyoneon.org for more details and information.

Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes is a non-profit organization. It supports many charitable programs running on donated computers, laptops, and tablets. The organization provides a free technological system, training, and more all American men and women who risk their lives for the nation. Any school lab, foster home, shelter, library or community center in the USA can take advantage of this program. It participates in zero-waste recycling programs.

This computer charity program collects new and used electronic gadgets, computer systems, and laptop from groups and individuals. The main aim of this program is to provide a refurbished system from one or many of the generous donors to an educational, needy individual or any future learning program. Computers with Causes  work to help the less fortunate.

Final Thoughts!

The Federal Government of the USA and various non-profit organizations are providing free grants for laptops for college students and low-income families.

Take advantage of all the grants and financial aid available to you. Else, you could end to a huge amount of loans for study and educational tools. If possible, find more guides and information about other technological supports available for free near you. But , for Muslim, please avoid interest rate, it’s RIBA!!

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