Cumberland Farms Scholarship

The Cumberland Farms Scholarship started several years ago, This company provides region-based scholarships for students. In today’s post you will learn everything about this scholarship. The Cumberland Farms scholarship program is commonly called Believe and Achieve Scholarship Programs, and since the year of 2007 this program has helped many Americans living near Cumberland Farms in their education.


Cumberland Farms Scholarship

So how much can I get from this Believe and Achieve Scholarship? From the first time it was established, the award amount stays the same. Eligible students will receive $1000 to help them with their education.

Last year, the Cumberland Farms provides scholarships for 130 students, each receiving $1000. Up until last year, the company have provided more than $900,000 scholarships.

Cumberland Farms Scholarship Requirements

In general, there are two major requirements needed if you want to be eligible for the Cumberland Farms scholarship. First, you need to live within the 10 states where the Cumberland Farms opens its branch. Second, this scholarship will be given to high school seniors who have financial difficulties and have exemplary academic performance. Below are the full requirements for this scholarship:

  1. Recipients is a high school seniors or GED recipients with maximum age of 25
  2. Students who are planning to enroll in full time 2-4 years of undergraduate studies
  3. Students who resides within 30-mile radius from the Cumberland Farms retail locations
  4. Minimum 3.0 GPA or GED score of 500
  5. Demonstrate financial need

The retail locations are spread in 10 different States. The cities where you can find the Cumberland Farms retails are New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New Jersey.

Other Conditions

The company will also consider other conditions that may apply. They are:

  • Other additional academic records
  • Received honors and award (if any)
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Unusual personal or family circumstances
  • Ability to demonstrate leadership
  • Participation in activities in both schools and community
  • Explaining goals and aspirations (using an essay)

Note that the deadline for the Cumberland Farms Scholarship is on December 15. Make sure to prepare all of the required documents and other necessary items, and send them before that date. It is also important to note that the deadline is NOT the last day you are allowed to send the scholarship application. Rather, the deadline date for the Cumberland Farms scholarship is the LAST day they receive incoming applications. Therefore, it would be wise to send them the application as soon as you have complete it.

Once you are ready to submit your scholarship application, you can visit You will see several components there, and you can determine the required documents such as:

  • High school transcript of grades
  • Copy of most recent filed tax return
  • List of work experience
  • List of activities and positive contribution in school and communities
  • The nearest Cumberland Farm location

These days, every student have to grab any chance of grant that they can receive. Having additional $1,000 from the Cumberland Farms scholarship will certainly help you.

Cumberland Farms Believe and Achieve Contributions

Cumberland Farms has announced scholarships for 130 high school students from nine states through the Believe and Achieve Scholarships program. These scholarships are available to help these students enter college in the fall of 2015.

The company has offered impactful scholarship programs for several years. In 2015 alone, they have allocated over $1 million to provide financial assistance to more than 1,000 young and bright individuals to pursue higher education goals.

Cumberland Farms has also established a new tradition where the top winner of the Believe and Achieve Scholarships is honored as the “Haseotes Scholar.” This title, named after the company’s founder, is available for students who exemplify the values of Cumberland Farms, such as hard work, outstanding achievement, and commitment to the community. Believe and Achieve award winners from Cumberland Farms’ service area have studied to different colleges and universities, including:

  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Cornell
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Purdue
  • University of Massachusetts
  • New York University
  • University of Miami
  • University of Michigan
  • Princeton
  • University of Florida
  • Rochester Institute of Technology


The Cumberland Farms Believe and Achieve Scholarship Program is available to show how important education is and to help out Cumberland Farms customers’ and employees’ kids who want to go to college or vocational school.

Scholarships are available to students who do well in school and need help paying for college. They also consider if students join activities like helping the community or playing sports. Scholarship winners are chosen based on their grades, leadership in school and community, any awards they’ve received, their work experience, what they want to achieve, any special situations they or their family might be facing, and what others say about them. We also look at their financial situation; everyone who gets the scholarship needs to show they really need it.

Awards are available to students without looking at their race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or where they come from. Scholarship Management Services chooses who gets the awards. Nobody from Cumberland Farms, Inc. helps decide. Everyone who applies agrees to accept the final decision.


The Cumberland Farms Scholarships aim to support high school seniors or GED recipients up to age 25 who plan to pursue further education. Applicants need a GPA of at least 3.0 or a GED score of 500, and they must live within 30 miles of a Cumberland Farms store. Children of company employees are also eligible. The scholarships help cover tuition costs for two- or four-year colleges, universities, or vocational-technical schools. By providing financial assistance, Cumberland Farms encourages academic achievement and fosters a commitment to education among its customers’ and employees’ families.

For 2024, there’s no available info about these scholarships. You can follow this post for more updates. We’ll let you know later if these scholarships become available again.