Guide to Get Scholarships for Nursing School

Get scholarships for nursing school to help you build your way to a bright career in the nursing field. With more U.S. population boomers reach old and retirement age, acute shortage of nurses creating a big opportunity to work in health care facilities or hospitals. With the increasing demand for nurses, the salary package and benefits for the line of job are also improving making it a lucrative choice of career.

To make the decision to choose nursing as your future career easier, there are a lot of scholarships for nursing school to help you pay for your tuition, expenses, and books so you can study without having to worry on the financial issues.

Scholarships for Nursing School Guide to Get Scholarships for Nursing School

Guide to Help You Find Scholarships for Nursing School

  1. The very first step to look for a scholarship is to list the nursing school you are interested in. After you have the list pay each school a visit or at least call the financial aid office and mention your intention to learn in the school. Some schools have scholarships that may not be published on the internet so ask for scholarships and grants available to help pay for the tuition to the staff.
  2. Go online to find scholarship and grant for nursing school. Be careful to only visit reputable websites such as Petersons or, because a lot of sites offering scholarship information turned as a scam. Don’t ever pay for scholarship information as you can get it for free. You can visit Petersons website and register (free) to find nursing schools and scholarship available.
  3. Visit Discover Nursing website to search for nursing scholarships. They have a list of more 300 scholarships for nursing school you can choose from. You can search for them easier by sorting the scholarships either by amount of the award or by name. The source for this scholarship is varied from the health care companies, associations, to nonprofit organization.
  4. Look for nursing scholarships from the federal government by visiting You can make the search more effective by searching for more specific scholarships you are eligible for such as for women, minorities, veterans, and volunteers.
  5. Review all of the nursing scholarship opportunities you find and sort them based on eligibility and requirements. Focus on scholarships you are eligible for and interested in. Pay attention to the minimum application requirement like grade point average, age range and previous work history.
  6. Pay attention the deadline. You don’t want all of your work and effort become worthless just because you miss the deadline, do you?
  7. Prepare and apply for the nursing scholarship as early as possible. Don’t wait until the last day to prepare for scholarship application requirement. By doing it early, it gives more time for you to gather all the necessary documents and check and re-checking the application form.
  8. Complete the free scholarship application at the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid website, and then submit the scholarships for nursing school application.

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