Grants For CNA Training

Grants For CNA Training – What is CNA training? Is there any CNA Training grants program available? For those who have just started looking into Certified Nurse’s Aides career; it is wise to know that you need some training and complete a certification before you can assist the patient.

As a career, people often choose Certified Nurse Aides as a starting point as their career in health care industry. When compared to other career path, CNA requires less expense for the training, but people from low income often find it hard to spare some money to fund their training. Therefore, finding some kind of financial assistance is a good move.

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Scholarships and Grants for CNA Training

Below you will find some simplified guide on finding grants or other financial help for CNA training in the United States.

Government Financial Help for CNA Training

As you may have known, CNA training are typically short-term courses. Meanwhile, most of the funding for the Federal grants such as Pell Grant is awarded for two years or four years program. Hence, your chance in getting one is pretty small. However, you should still submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Make sure you complete your CNA training in a certified technical schools or community college, and then you should be able to submit your FAFSA. You never know, but getting the Pell Grant will make everything easier because you are automatically eligible for other financial aid. Even non-government grant providers prefer those who receive Pell Grant.

That being said, it is also wise to contact your state Department of Labor to see if there’s some kind of financial aid programs available for CNA training. If you’re lucky, your state may be offering education incentives for eligible people due to the high demand of healthcare providers. One of the possible programs would be the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) that is provided for people from low-income family to get required training for a better career.

Hospitals and Health Care Centers

The next source of help would come from your local hospitals or health care centers. Contact their office and ask them about the possibility of getting a funding for your CNA training. Some hospitals will grant you your wish, but you’ll have to sign a contract saying that you’re going to work there for at least six months to one year, depending on the hospital you’re working on. We highly recommend you to contact the hospital that you want to work at first, and if they don’t offer such program you can move on to other hospitals.

Community Colleges

If you are not interested with the working contract or commitment, you may want to consider to ask local community colleges or technical schools offering CNA certification. Make sure to call these schools’ financial aid office and ask if there’s such program and what are the requirements. The financial aid office should provide you with a list of possible programs that can assist you get through with your education. Since you’re asking them a favor, make sure to be friendly and polite.

I hope this post can help you find the CNA training grants or other financial aid.


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