How to get Grants for Abdominoplasty

Grants for Abdominoplasty – What’s Abdominoplasty? It is a procedure also known as the tummy tuck surgery. As you may have expected, this procedure will remove the excess fat in the lower abdomen, and then tighten the skin around that area allowing for a better-looking abs. Many consider this as a cosmetic surgery procedure because it is mainly performed to improve one’s look, but there are still some health conditions that can be treated using this method. However, is there any abdominoplasty grant available? What are your options?

Before that, let’s discuss the expected cost of this procedure. This year, the cost of tummy tuck surgery can reach more than $10,000, and some even charge more than $15,000 for such procedure. Although the definition of abdominoplasty sounds simple, the real surgery is not as easy nor as simple as the description. The tummy tuck procedure can be quite complicated and you also need to stay in the hospital for at least two days for recovery.


Are There Grants for Abdominoplasty Available?

The short answer for the question above would be: No, there is no grant for abdominoplasty. Since this is considered as a cosmetic procedure, this is typically not covered in the health insurance plan. However, the story is different if it is medically necessary to have a tummy tuck surgery. Some insurance plan may cover for a part of the cost if the specific condition is met.

It is strictly prohibited (and against the law) to fake medical condition just to get a tummy-tuck surgery, hence the insurance company will investigate thoroughly to avoid any scam. Usually the doctor considers consider this procedure only if there’s no other alternative is available. Therefore, as you should have expected, getting the insurance company to pay for the procedure is pretty hard, but doable. Please contact your doctor and your insurance company to ask for their opinion. It’s worth the shot. But, if you are a Muslim, avoid the insurance !.

Other Options

If you can’t get free abdominoplasty, you may want to consider getting a low cost tummy tuck procedure by traveling abroad for the surgery. We’ve written this a lot, so we’re going to give you the most important advice about this so-called medical tour.

Do an extensive research about the overall cost beforehand. The first thing to do is to search for a reputable surgeon that is licensed and work in a proper facility. After that, call the office and ask for a quote and make sure that it includes all charges. Don’t forget to include the travel cost (airplane tickets and accommodation) to the calculation. Remember, you may need to stay abroad for a few days before you can go back home on an airplane because you have just undergone a major surgery. Always make the decision after taking everything into consideration.

Meanwhile, people who are the resident of the United Kingdom have a better shot at getting a free tummy tuck surgery. There’s an agency there called the National Health Services that can cover the cost of the procedure as long as it falls under the right conditions. If you live in UK, you need to visit a general practitioner and allow them to examine if you really need the abdominoplasty. After the diagnosis is made, the doctor will refer the patient to a consultant which will tell the patient if they are qualified for the free abdominoplasty.