Free Tubal Reversal Surgery

In general, a free tubal reversal surgery is a long shot because both of the government and insurance companies don’t think that this is a medically necessary procedure. That said, there are several church-based organizations that offer such service to a limited number of people. But before we get to that point, let’s discuss the tubal reversal surgery definition, risk cost, etc so that you can learn a bit more about this procedure.

This surgery is meant to reverse the process for women who have their tube tied, allowing them to have a normal pregnancy once more. However, women who have taken part in the procedure have increased the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. What is an ectopic pregnancy? It is a pregnancy that occurs within the fallopian tube. This risk is even higher if you are pregnant immediately after the reversal surgery. Therefore, doctors always recommend women to wait until up to 60 days after the surgery is performed. They may recommend birth control methods to lower the risk. However, don’t let this discourage you. In fact, most women who have this tubal reversal surgery have normal pregnancies, as long as they follow the doctor’s recommendation.

free tubal ligation reversal surgery free tubal reversal surgery

Tubal Reversal Cost

Surgical Fees, around $6,200 which include:

  • Surgeon and assistant surgeon’s Fee $3,000
  • Anesthesia Charge $800
  • Facility Fees $2,400

You should also consider the additional fees which include:

  • Laboratory Fees
  • Semen analysis
  • Initial consultation
  • Prescription medicine

So as you can see, the tubal reversal surgery cost is pretty high. So is there any possible way to get free tubal reversal surgery?

There are several church-based organization that provides such a service. However, because there are so many women wanting to get free tubal reversal surgery, you have to enlist yourself in their waiting list. The organization may also charge you around $20 per month to keep you on their list. Some may get the procedure in 4 to 9 months, but some other may have to wait even longer than that. In some cases, you might not be picked after all.

The Lords Heritage ministry is one of these organizations. The Blessed Arrows, Tubal Reversal Angels, and Baby Quest Foundation may also provide this kind of service. Other organizations you can ask are Vision of Faith and Fit to be Untied.

Other tubal reversal surgery financing options

As you can see, getting a free tubal reversal surgery is unlikely, because even though you can get yourself on the waiting list you may have to pay a monthly fee. In our opinion, the best solution to finance this procedure is to persistently save some money. This way you can really plan ahead, and you can avoid the interest rate that you can get if you financed the surgery by taking a loan from a bank or other financial lenders.

If you are eligible for federal grants or other types of grant from other institution, you should not spend your grant for this surgery. In general, grants are intended for basic needs or education. Remember, having children takes a lot of effort, money, and energy. You should make sure that you can raise them well.

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