4 Sources of Tubal Ligation Reversal Financial Assistance

Tubal Ligation Reversal Financial Assistance – I’ve known several women who have had their tubal ligation and now they are reconsidering to have kids again through tubal reversal surgery. The surgery cost quite a lot, so they search for ways on how to get financial assistance for tubal reversal surgery.

First, let’s talk about this procedure. The tubal reversal is the opposite of a tubal ligation procedure. The tubal ligation is often considered as a permanent solution in birth control, as in it removes your ability to be pregnant again. That said, as you can see that there is still a way to conceive a child of your own even after tubal ligation.

The tubal reversal surgery is widely considered as non-life threatening surgery. Therefore, most (if not all) insurance companies in the United States will refuse to cover the cost of surgery. Moreover, there’s a very unlikely chance that the government will help because they are simply too busy providing basic needs for financially-challenged families across the US.


List of Tubal Ligation Reversal Financial Assistance

Below are some of the sources from non-governmental organizations that you can try in search of financial assistance for your tubal ligation reversal surgery:

The Angels of Hope Foundation

Creating Miracles Grant is available for people living Illinois who are from a low-income family to get fertility treatments. The applicants should have neither insurance nor kids at home. The grant program is available twice a year, and you need to prepare some documentation that is related to the grant application.

BabyQuest Foundation

This grant is available for all American across every state. Just like the previous Miracles grant program, the grant is available to low-income families that are interested in getting infertility treatments but they can’t afford it.


If you are currently living in Florida state, there are the Bringing U Maternal Paternal Success (B.U.M.P.S.) grants available for couples to undergo fertility treatments. However, this grant is aimed towards families who have health insurance that can cover the prenatal health care. Visit their website to learn more about the possibilities. (No longer available)

The Cade Foundation

Another foundation that may be able to help you get the tubal ligation reversal financial assistance, regardless in which state you live is the Cade Foundation. The grant awards up to $10,000 for eligible families. The money can be used for infertility treatments or even adoption.


There are many other organizations that may be able to help you cope with the cost of tubal ligation reversal, including:

  • Sparkles of Life (TEXAS) => http://www.sparklesoflife.org/
  • International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination – http://www.inciid.org/
  • The Madeleine Gordon Gift of Life Foundation (CINCINNATI) – https://gordongiftoflife.org/
  • Pay-It-Forward Foundation – https://payitforwardfertility.org/

Now there are other ways to get you that tubal ligation. However, most come in the form of a loan. Some offer higher interest rate than others while the other some offer a reasonable price. For the Muslim, please avoid loan with interest rate! It’s RIBA. We recommend you to start browsing on the internet to see whether there are ways to finance your tubal ligation reversal surgery. I hope this post can help anyone who is looking for a way to conceive another child.

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PS: For Muslims who want to do tubal reversal, please follow the instructions below:

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