How To Find Craigslist Detroit Free Stuff Instantly For More Savings

Are you living in Detroit? Perhaps, your situation right now forces you to ask some help on how to get free stuff. Well, you can use Craigslist. Craigslist Detroit free stuff can solve your problem. As you know that, Craigslist is the best place to buy and sell some stuff. In fact, you can use the site to get a ton of stuff for free. Here, we provide you the reasonable ways to get it.

To start finding Craigslist Detroit free stuff, we recommend you to visit Craigslist. After that, you should click on the city, state, or the country near you. For example, if you are living in Detroit, you can find some near areas such as Birmingham, Westland, Warren, and others.


Steps To Find Craigslist Detroit Free Stuff

  1. Start With Your Craigslist Location

First, you should click on the city that is near your area to help you find the free stuff that you can reach with ease.

  1. Find Free Stuff Section

After that, the site will direct you to the all classified ads from the selected area. You can find For Sale category. Here, you should click on Free, under that category.

  1. Use Search Tool

At the top of the Craigslist’s page, you can find search tools. Find the free stuff that you are looking for. What you can do here is to type in a keyword and then select any other options. This is helpful to start your search. Once you want to display the result, you can click search.

Well, it is not necessary to use the search tools in this website. It is because you can browse through the available listings.

  1. Browse Through The Listings

Another way you can do is to browse through the available listings related to the free stuff on this website. Keep browsing through until you find one that seems you need to change your life. Next, click the title so you can view more information about your option.

  1. Read Over The Description

It is very important to read over the description of the available free stuff. Some of the members may post the stuff with the available pictures so you can check the condition of the stuff.

If you want to get Craigslist stuff free, it is good to contact the person directly. After that, the people who want to give the stuff free may contact you back via email or others. Here, you should follow their way.

Mostly, the description states the manner to contact the person who will give away his free stuff. However, if you found no contact to call, you can click on the email address close to the top of the page. By clicking it, you can email them with ease.

5 Other Places to Get Best Cheap Stuff In Detroit

To make everything easy, here we provide you more information than just Craigslist Detroit free stuff as below:

  1. 5th Avenue Furniture

Address: 15348 Livernois Ave, Detroit, MI 48238

Contact: (313) 864-1111

They can help you if you need anything related to furniture, mattresses, and home decor. It is the highest rated store in Detroit, especially related to furniture. You can join with no credit check option. The requirement is you should make $600 a month. You can get it from social security, disability, pension, or other jobs. Besides, you must have a checking account that accepts the direct deposit or the deposits paycheck.

They are available to provide lowest prices and best quality when you need mattresses or furniture. They can carry outdoor furniture, as well.

  1. International Bicycle Shop

Address: 5640 Middlebelt Rd, Garden City, Ml 48135

Contact: (734) 655-0769

If you need anything related to bikes, bike repair, and bike rentals, you can use this option. The store is good for kids. In addition, they facilitate their visitors with private lot parking. The store also accepts credit cards.

  1. Fred’s Unique Furniture & Antiques

Address: 14091 E 8 Mile Rd, Warren, Ml 48089

Contact: (568) 776-7100

If you think that Craigslist is not enough for you, you can visit this store to get a nice offer. Here, the store is one of the biggest sellers and buyers of used furniture in the Midwest. It is a great place to find something new if you need a high-quality used stuff. They accept credit cards, provide bike parking, have gender-neutral restrooms, and parking facilities.

  1. Art Van Furniture

Address: 6500 E 14 Mile Rd, Warren, Ml 48092

Contact: (586) 939-2100

If you want to have more savings when you look for furniture and mattress, you can take this store as your option to spend your money. It is a favorite furniture store available in Midwest to provide more style and more options.

The store accepts credit card and provides parking facility. However, they cannot go with Apple Pay and Bike Parking.

  1. IKEA

Address: 41640 Ford Rd Canton, Ml 48187

Contact: (888) 888-4532

IKEA is a popular company that you can find their name in many countries. IKEA has many products available such as furniture, mattresses, and anything about home decor. This company can be your option if you want to get many selections of their products to meet your budget.

In their store, they accept credit card, provide parking and bike parking. However, they do not accept Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Well, there are many options available. It means when you have nothing to get after spending most of your time for Craigslist Detroit free stuff, you can visit some of these shops to get more savings. At least, you can still have some dollars to save, even though you cannot get them free. Another powerful way you can do to get free stuff is by sharing or posting your needs to your social media even tells your friends and neighbors as well. Who knows they have something they want to remove, but you really need it to change your life. Forget about your self-esteem, they may thank you because you just pick up their useless thing that takes their space!

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