Free School Supplies by Mail

Free School Supplies by Mail – It is no surprise that school supplies are expensive. Countless parents in United States are struggling every year to ensure that their children have the things they need at school. This adds up to the financial burden, because they also have to pay tuition fees and saving up for college.

Recent survey has shown that there’s an increase of school supplies spending this year, as compared to the previous years. The average money spent for school supplies is currently at $674. That’s a lot of money. Seeing this reality, it is only natural that parents are looking for ways to save money. One of them is by finding free school supplies by mail.


Where can I get Free School Supplies by Mail

Looking to save money on your back-to-school shopping? You’re in luck! We’ll show you the simple ways to get free school supplies by mail. These tips work for getting supplies delivered to your mailbox in 2019, 2020, and beyond. There are some organizations that may be able to provide needy students with the school supplies they need.

As you know, many parents who dread the school season, and it’s not just because of the busy schedules! Those never-ending shopping lists filled with expensive school supplies are also a big concern.

According to Today, parents shell out just over $100 per child each year on school supplies alone, not including clothes, shoes, or electronics. When you factor in those additional items, parents can anticipate spending an average of $669 per child. That’s quite a hefty sum!

If you have more than one child, the expenses can pile up quickly. You might find yourself asking, “Where can I find free school supplies?” Well, wonder no more! Here are the great ways to get your hands on free school supplies by mail:

Group Like Facebook or Craigslist

Joining local or online groups, such as those on Facebook, can be a fantastic way to score free school supplies. Seek out groups focused on frugal living, parenting, or trading.

Another option is checking Craigslist, where you can find a section for free items under the “For Sale” category. Keep an eye out, and you might stumble upon someone giving away school supplies or clothes.

Craigslist also features a section for community events where you might find opportunities to obtain free school supplies. When participating in online groups, be an active and respectful member. Engage in discussions, offer assistance, and avoid immediately asking for free supplies. Building a positive presence within the community can increase your chances of receiving assistance when needed.

Reach Out to Companies

Don’t underestimate the power of asking! Reach out to companies that sell the school supplies you need via their social media channels, like Facebook. Politely inquire about free samples or coupons. You might be surprised by their willingness to help. Stay updated by following these brands or stores on social media for giveaways, sales, and more money-saving opportunities. offers a unique opportunity to find free school supplies online. It’s like a massive swap-meet where you can not only score free supplies by mail but also declutter your home by giving away unwanted items.

The Boys & Girls Club of America

The Boys & Girls Club of America partners with stores like Michael’s and Staples to donate school supplies to local clubs. This makes it a great option for finding free school supplies by mail in 2019 and 2020. Since supplies vary by location, it’s best to contact your nearest club for more information.

Community Organizations or Events

You can also explore opportunities for free school supplies through community organizations or events. For instance, some towns organize fundraisers and school supply drives in collaboration with entities like the Chamber of Commerce.

Keep an eye out for flyers in local establishments like shops, restaurants, and churches. Additionally, check your city’s website and the public library website for details on upcoming events that could provide assistance with obtaining free school supplies and clothing.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, with locations nationwide, offers assistance with school supplies, but their organization operates in a decentralized manner. To access free school supplies, reach out to your local Salvation Army chapter for more details.

Kids In Need Foundation

One of these organizations is the Kids in Need Foundation (KINF). According to their executive, parents who have low income can actually find some sort of help, if they are willing to search for it.

The Kids in Need Foundation, with the help of school districts and teachers across the country have been carrying out an excellent program called the backpack program that gives out school supplies for free for needy children. Based on the judgement of the teacher, children who come from families that are struggling financially will receive school supplies.

This organization also provides help for teachers in the form of teacher grant program and free teacher resource center. For more information about their programs, you can contact them directly through their website available in the references section below or you can simply call 613-465-0135.

There’s also a way that many parents don’t realize. They might not be able to provide the supplies you need due to tight budget, but you can actually contact your school and ask them to work together with the KINF on your behalf.


Rebates can be a hassle, especially for busy parents juggling work and family commitments. However, they’re still a fantastic way to score free school supplies by mail in 2019 and 2020. Office supply stores often offer rebate deals on school supplies during the summer months.

For example, the Staples Easy Rebates program is worth considering. Although you’ll need to pay upfront, you can eventually get your money back, effectively making the school supplies free in the end. It’s a bit of extra effort, but the savings can be significant.

Local Social Service Agency

Besides trying to reach out organizations such as the KINF, you can try to seek help from a local social service agency such as United Way or Boys & Girls Club. These organizations might be able to help a portion of the fee, or at least they can connect you to other parties that can help. You can also try to contact local religious communities such as churches, mosques, or synagogues where you are a member. They usually have donators that donate their money for social purposes.

Note that almost all of the options above cannot send you the school supplies by mail. However, getting them for free is good enough, right?

Finding Cheap School Supplies

The options above are meant for families who are in extreme financial problems that cannot afford to buy school supplies because they really have no money. If you still have some money to buy school supplies but you still find it lacking, you can try to find cheap school supplies that will cut down your expenses. Here are your options:

Find used stuffs

It’s not a secret that school children do not need a high-end laptop, nor a branded backpack. For items such as these, you can try to fund and buy used stuffs from your local market. Alternatively, you can also find online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or even Craigslist.

Special stores

There are some stores that provide affordable kids apparel and school supplies, with the cost of each item is often less than $5. These stores are often called consignment stores. Some provide online services, such as You can also look for cheap items in dollar stores. Last but not least, you can search for discounted items at Wal-Mart!

I hope this post can help you search cheap or free school supplies for your children.


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