How to Relocate Without Any Money in Pocket?

Sometimes, a family has to relocate from their home due to poor financial conditions. They might be unable to pay the monthly rent or encounter a foreclosure recently. For a low-income family, even a small interstate relocation can be really expensive. However, the federal and local non-profit organization offer free grants for moving expenses, free moving boxes, furniture. Free grocery, and many other things, in case the family has no money.

Financial Assistance for low-income families is one of the finest ways to help people in need. Nevertheless, it may be hard to obtain grants for moving expenses; you have to prove your eligibility for the condition, find the local and federal organizations, apply and wait. Moving with no money can be easy with free grants. Let’s get some information on how to relocate with your family if you have no money –


Look for financial assistance

When you have to move in an emergency, raising the cost of moving expenses may be difficult. Getting financial assistance in any way to help you in your move will go in a long way. There are programs from federal and state government for the needy ones. Some non-profitable organization has come forward to help with financial grants for moving expenses. These programs make an impact on the life of the people, especially those who cannot manage with the financial requirement of relocation. Here are some financial assistance program for low-income families and individuals –

  • Employer-based relocation aid to assist employees with relocation aids, if they are moving to another branch outside the country or state.
  • Federal Program for Relocation Assistance aids to families and small business owners relocating to a new home due to the financial crisis or any natural disaster.
  • S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program aid families and individuals who are at risk of homelessness due to financial hardship or displacement.
  • Housing Emergency Fund of $2,000 for eligible applicants who may need immediate housing assistance for utility, security and rental deposit.
  • Tax Rebates for individuals moving for a job.
  • Voluntary financial assistance for housing and moving. If you are asked to vacate your home unexpectedly and you need to secure new housing, this kind of grants for moving expenses can work wonder.

Find Free Moving Boxes

Moving could be an expensive affair for low-income family and individuals, if not done in an organized manner. It needs proper planning and information about to make it as affordable as possible. The best way is to cut cost from logistics such as packaging, boxing and much more. If you are relocating due to some financial crisis, check for the availability of free moving boxing around you. Moving boxes will help you accommodate and protect belongings for a successful relocation. Let’s know about different types of moving boxes –

  • Small boxes with 1.5 – 3.1 cubic feet of dimension, which is approximately 16 inches of size. It can accommodate your books, children toys, tools, DVDs, kitchenware, smaller electronics, household items and more weighing around 50 to 60 pounds of weight.
  • Medium box ranges between 4.0 – 5.0 cubic feet which are approximately 18*18*24 inches. These boxes are best for storing electronics, large kitchen appliances, special shaped pots or pans, larger lamps, computers and accessories, clothing and other pieces. Medium sized boxes are best for 65 pounds of weight but remember not to over pack them.
  • Large boxes come in 6.0 to 6.1 cubic feet; it sizes approximately 22 x 22 x 21 ½ inches and 24 x 18 x 24 inches and accommodates products of 65 pounds weight. Some of the most common items you can store in the large box are pillows, large blankets, toys, sofa cushions, towels, large lamps, garage item and much more.
  • Disk packing box is best for storing expensive kitchen items. The weight of dishes and crockery can drop the box and shatter the item. So, you need special boxes to store delicate cutleries, Crockery dishes, porcelain items, liquor bottles, cups and much more.

You can find free moving boxes from bookstores, grocery stores, office supply stores, pharmacy or chemist, and several other places. If you want to buy moving boxes, there are places that sell moving boxes for cheaper rates; they are box engine, u-haul, bigsteelbox, home depot and many more.

Grants for furniture and beds

Relocation can be more expensive if you have to purchase all the furniture, bed and household items on your own. Fortunately, there are federal and non-profit making organizations that provide free furniture and beds for low-income families and individuals to sustain normal livelihood in a comfortable. You can count them in the category of free grants for moving expenses. Let get some information about the free furniture grants for low-income families.

  • Vincent De Paul Thrift Store provides free furniture for families with poor financial conditions only. To claim for the program, you have to collect information about the eligibility criteria and collect your voucher. With the voucher, you can collect free mattress, couch, sofa, bed and more free of cost.
  • Love Inc. is a local congregation providing free beds, table, and chairs for low-income families. They also deliver food for families who are deprived of any source for transportation.
  • Furniture For Families referral form provides free furniture after completion screening of the applicant.
  • Beds4Kids, a privately owned charity program gives free mattress sets for children and adults.

The above-mentioned few of the most common facilities designed and programmed for the needy ones. If you find someone in need of free grants for moving expenses, feel free to search for options on the internet. Ask for some help and suggestions from experts.