Emergency Housing for The Homeless

It is never easy to become homeless. Sometimes, even finding a place to rest is such a hardship. Therefore, the government and various organizations across the United States provide programs that give out emergency housing for the homeless.

Of course, the program has eligibility requirements. Typically applicants have to apply for benefits from the United States Department of Social Service (DDS). To do so, please visit the DDS office personally or you can also browse your state’s DDS website. In that website, you can see all of the eligibility requirements and instructions on how to apply for the benefit. Please remember that the office prefers online application because it is faster than the conventional application by visiting the office. You’ll get a login information and you can access your information anytime, anywhere.


Homeless Emergency Housing

If the DDS deemed that you need cash assistance and for some reasons you find yourself becoming homeless, there’s the emergency housing benefit that is available for up to 60 days once a year. In order to gain this benefit, you need to contact the DDS office as soon as possible after you’ve become homeless. You should give them a call or submit your application as late as 45 days after homelessness.

The emergency housing can come in various forms. Day Shelters are free of charge with some meals and basic hygiene provided. However, it is only available for overnight use and you are not allowed to use it every day. Emergency Homeless Shelters are available for up to three months or less, and usually, it is only available during the night. Most of these shelters are free of charge. The Halfway Housing is available for about 6 months to 2 years, but it is not free. You have to spare 30 percent of your income for the program fee (which is usually given back after they leave). Last but not least there’s the Permanent Affordable Housing, which is available for up to three to five years. Just like the Halfway Housing, the Permanent Affordable Housing will cost you around 30% of your income.

Now how can one find emergency housing in your area? It is very hard for us to make a complete list of housing in each state because that would take too long. However, you can still gain the same benefit and function from several sources, including:


This website is a great option for people looking for shelters in case of emergency. You can find the shelter based on each state in the US. We recommend you to browse through them and hopefully, you can find one that is close to your area.


211 is an excellent service that can provide you with useful information. They can give you the address and the contact number of community sources that may be able to help you with your condition. This includes information regarding the emergency housing for the homeless.

We’ve mentioned the government-based programs aimed towards the general low-income people for temporary housing assistance. Veterans receive additional benefits, thanks to the Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Marines’ Fund. These benefits may be used to help in paying for rent and utilities. If you are a veteran from the US Armed Forces, you should definitely mention that while you’re calling the 211.

Hopefully, you can find valuable info about emergency shelters for homeless here.

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