Help For Homeless Families with Children

Help For Homeless Families with Children – A family can become homeless when there’s unwanted major event happens in their life, whether it is lost of job, house fire accidents, eviction, or spouse that passed away. Did you know that there’s a significant number of our young generation that is homeless, along with their family? Homelessness is one of the most serious problems in the United States because it can lead to other social problems, even child abuse. Therefore it is important to provide assistance for homeless families with children.

Government, organizations, and individuals are working together to help these people, with the ultimate aim is to reduce the number of homeless families in the community. It is important to know where to look at the help for homeless mothers and children, but it is just as important to know your needs.


After you’ve become homeless, it is important to immediately contact the Department of Social Services and let them know that you and your family are forced out of your home and now have become homeless. We highly recommend you to contact them online through their website, and you can even send your application online. After you’re done with your application the DDS office should inform you about the benefits you’re eligible with.

Several DDS Programs to Help For Homeless Families with Children

Below are some DDS related programs that are available in the United States that can help homeless families:

TFA Cash Assistance

TFA stands for the Temporary Family Assistance. It is a part of the cash assistance program for low income and the homeless. Families with children receive extra money, even though it is not that much. It is also extremely important to know that these are NOT salary. It’s just a temporal help that has a limit of usage.

SSI and Disability Programs

These are programs that are aimed towards people who cannot work due to a disability. You need to have a confirmed disability from your medical record, and you also have to prove that the disability will keep you from working for a year or more or it can cause you to die. Mental disabilities are also included.

Health and Nutrition programs

Usually, those who are qualified of SSI and disability program are also eligible for Medicaid and Food Stamps (SNAP). As you may already know, Medicaid is an excellent program that provides health care for the members of homeless families. Meanwhile, the food stamps program is a program that provides you with food.

State Supplements program

There are also programs from the state you’re living in. The State supplements program may include additional assistance in food, nutrition, health or sometimes, cash assistance.

Where can I get Information?

Information related to these helping programs is available in your local Department of Social Services. However, we also highly recommend you to contact 211 helpline that will be able to provide you with valuable information that can help you and your families, such as public kitchens or food pantries that can provide free meals and food for the homeless.

Becoming homeless is hard, but don’t give up because there is still help for homeless mother and child.

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