How to Get Grants for Homeless Families

Housing is one of the human basic needs; therefore the government tries to fulfill that need for their citizens including through grants for homeless families. In their website, HUD or US Department of Housing and Urban Development ( mentioned that they set aside funds for housing programs to help homeless people. The assistance and service for homeless families provided by local homeless assistance agencies including food, emergency shelter, housing counseling as well as job training. For more information about resources available for housing issue including grants for homeless families, you can visit the website at

Grants for Homeless Families Purposes

  • to promote community commitment in order to end homelessness,
  • re-house homeless individuals and families as quickly as possible,
  • provide funding for housing efforts by non-profit providers,
  • minimizing the dislocation and the trauma caused to homeless families, community and individuals due to homelessness,
  • Optimize self-sufficiency among families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness,
  • Promote access to the mainstream program for homeless families and individuals as well as effective utilization of it.


HUD offers the Continuum of Care program as part of grants for homeless families that include these homeless assistance programs: the Shelter Plus Care program, the Supportive Housing Program, and the Moderate Rehabilitation/Single Room Occupancy (SRO) program.

For applicant interested in applying for the Continuum of Care program you can visit or call your local Continuum of Care to obtain more information. Remember that HUD does not provide citizens with direct assistance for this program as it already delegated to local providers. If there is any question regarding the program that can’t be answered fully by the local contact you can contact HUD Field Office in your area.

Moreover, if the Continuum of Care program doesn’t really apply to your situation you can also search for grants for homeless families at the U.S government official website for government grant: The instruction to search and apply for the grant as follow:

  1. Visit the website at, get familiar with the interface.
  2. To be able to apply for the grants for homeless families online you have to get several identification number including EIN or Employer Identification number for a business or TIN or Taxpayer identification number for the individual. You can get both identification numbers by visiting
  3. Call Dun & Bradstreet at 866-705-5711 to get a Data Universal Number System or DUNS. The whole process is simple, easy, free of charge and takes only 10 minutes of your time.
  4. Make your identification verifiable by registering with Central Contractor Registration or CCR.
  5. Get back to visit, after completing the registration process you can now apply for the grants for homeless families directly. To search for the grants you can utilize the searching tool in the website by clicking “Browse by Category” then choose the housing option. Scroll through the searching result to find grants that apply to your specific situation then submit the application online.


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