How to Get Low Income Housing in San Francisco California

Low Income Housing in San Francisco – There are many reasons for people to search for Low-income housing in san-francisco. The economy hardship these days have made many people suffer and more and more people can’t afford getting the housing that can match their current financial condition.

How do I know that I may be qualified for an affordable housing for low income family? This question can be simply answered. The United States government has a general standard stating that your housing expenses should not exceed 30 percent of your total family income. If you are struggling to meet that standard, you may qualify for the program. In general, people who are homeless, living in a below standard housing, or who are having a hard time paying the monthly rent of the current housing may qualify for the program.


Where to Find Low Income Housing in San Francisco

Of course, there’s a basic set of standard condition that you have to fulfill. The Federal government has set an eligibility limit for the program to ensure the program can be obtained by those who need it the most. Of course, each state may offers different policy and limit, and the same goes to San Francisco area.

There’s the Area Median Income number stated by the San Francisco government, which is basically the percentage of the median income for people living in San Francisco. This AMI percentage number (income limit) is the base for someone who can afford a house unit or not. These house units may have different AMI requirement. For example, there’s a unit with income limit of 30% of AMI in one area, but there are other units that comes with income limit of 60% of AMI. Most of the home units available in San Francisco area offers income limit less than 60% AMI.

The low income housing in San Francisco comes in various forms. One of them is the Below Market Rate units (BMR units). These BMR units offer rents that are below the market rate (cheaper than most of the home units’ rents in the San Francisco Area). Each of the unit may have different specific income requirement. The San Francisco government provides a listing of available BMR units for rental, and you can visit them here:

The second solution is to look for cheap housing offered by nonprofit agencies. Your household income should be between 0% AMI and 60% AMI. The San Francisco government provides financial help for building these housings, and the nonprofit agencies are the one which operate the units. There are various nonprofit organizations and agencies that offer this kind of housing. Check out the complete listing here:

While the second solution we offered is fully managed by the nonprofit organization, the third option is managed by the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA). This government agency is responsible in managing several cheap apartments, so if you want to ask whether there are empty housings, you can contact them at (415) 554-1200. The agency also supports the Section 8 Program that can help paying a part of the rent fee to your landlord. If you’re having trouble paying your monthly rent, you may want to give them a call. Well, I hope this short reviews about low income housing in San Francisco will help.


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