Free Hotel Vouchers Online Travel Hacking For Emergencies

How to get free hotel vouchers online is possible, but the chance is quite small. If you want to be the applicant, you have to satisfy several conditions. Mostly, the motel provides these vouchers as part of their goal. They support the homeless people to get a safe place to stay. However, this offer is on a temporary basis. We can say that the vouchers are only for a night or two. Some vouchers are also available for a certain resort.

Well, there are many non-profits that provide these services. Therefore, the homeless person can use it as a facility. Alternatively, the homeless person can learn how to get free hotel vouchers online for lodging at some public housing units.  If not, they can provide it only for a nearby shelter. In other words, the person who seeks help can choose the lodging motel temporarily.

free hotel vouchers online travel hacking for emergencies

Types of Free Hotel Vouchers Online

Of course, there are many types of vouchers to offer which depends on the situation, as below:

  1. Seasonal – Seasonal vouchers mean passed out during colder winter or heat waves months.
  2. Age/ Specific Group – The vouchers are for seniors, disabled people, and single parents with children. It is also possible for a veteran, families with children, and the sick.
  3. Situational – Loss of home through a flood, fire, and other unexpected events that lead to a bad situation.

Speaking of the seasonal plans, commonly charities that support school supplies also come with a great connection. It means that they have good relationships with several business owners to help people with hotel vouchers. The goal of these programs is to help the homeless person. Besides, a homeless person does not stay for a long time. Therefore, the motel voucher programs can be a great help for the homeless.

In some cases, some particular groups may get vouchers. Some can be with seniors or children. Other than that, they may offer vouchers for the disabled or single men. They may offer accessible transportation with a low-cost taxi as the service.

The nonprofits who do these services commonly seek funds to run their program. The agencies can write a grant proposal to request funds from local churches if they have a partnership. On the other hand, they can go with the local fundraisers. After collecting some amount of money, they will use it to buy motel vouchers, especially for the homeless.

Families that lost their homes because of flooding or fire can get free hotel vouchers or search for information about how to get free hotel vouchers online. Some organizations provide you with a client fleeing for a free stay in a motel. You are possible to get it if you have a domestic violence or mistreatment environment. However, these resources are limited. It is because each organization has their scenario of shelters.

Organizations That Will Provide Free Hotel Vouchers

If you want to get one of the free hotel vouchers, you should contact several local non-profits. Alternatively, you can ask for help from some churches, or different state governments with the partnership to fund the vouchers. Some popular non-profit organizations can help you to get it on a national level.

The United Way Liberty County

This organization is popular because they are able to provide emergency shelter and referral services. They provide hotel vouchers and direct referrals. In addition, United Way offers pop-top, sleeping bags, blankets, and more. Their goal is to cover the emergency needs of homeless people.

Salvation Army USA

Every night, the Salvation Army is able to handle the homeless Americans for almost 30,000. No one wants to live in extreme heat, wet weather, as well as unbearable cold. What is more, is a homeless person cannot avoid the dangerous elements. It can happen when they have no home and live outside, on the street.

Salvation Army USA also offers a safe place to shower, sleep, and eat without money. They give you a big help with food, shelter, counseling services, and educational support. You can even enjoy the vocational direction. Their concern is on how to make sure that the homeless person has a stable position in society.

It sounds interesting that the organization also supports families. They stand with their family service programs to help children and parents. No matter how old are you, or how big the family you have, they can help you. They help the family to stay together, living in a temporary homeless shelter. Moreover, they offer meal planning, long-term housing help, utility, and temporary homeless shelters.

American Red Cross

The next choice of free hotel vouchers online is the American Red Cross. They welcome everyone at their shelter. They do not discriminate based on race, nationality, class, disability, religious beliefs, or other personal choices.

If you must leave your home because of a disaster or emergency, you can choose to get help. However, you should bring your clothing, medications, bedding, and children’s stuffed animal. They cannot accept you if you have illegal drugs, weapons, and alcoholic beverages.

National Council of YMCA USA

It is the largest non-profit community service organization in the USA to support across the nation. They work to cover the needs of health and social services of 17.5 million children, women, and men. They help people without seeing their beliefs even though they work based on Christian principles. Besides, the organization has many programs. One of them is Youth and Community Development. They provide short-term homeless shelter as well as transitional.

How To Get Free Hotel Vouchers Online – Hotel Reward Programs

If you need to find out how to get free hotel vouchers online, you can check out some hotel reward programs that are worth for your money. Here are some best programs from hotels to pick:

Marriot Hotel Rewards

The program offers endless inspiration. This program comes out because Marriot Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and SPG shared their single and unified programs with a lot of benefits. They invite travelers to earn more points and then redeem them to visit more places. Of course, it would be interesting if you love to go to some countries. In fact, this program provided 6,700 hotels, 130 countries, and more than 20 brands. Therefore, you will get the best hotels and experiences in your life.

Here are some benefits if you take this program:

  • VIP experiences, including hotel stays
  • Members-only free internet
  • Mobile key

How many days you are going to stay in their hotel for this program? For example, if you stay for zero to nine nights per year, you will get cash + points, exclusive member rates, instant redemption, a mobile key through their app, free Wi-Fi, no blackout, point savers, and other benefits. Those are more than enough for a traveler like you.

How to earn points in this program? Well, it is quite easy. You can even earn more than 3,000 points by using Hertz, try to get more points by driving, dining, calling, and sailing all over the world through the travel partners, and even in every port from the Arctic to the tropic to get points. Get the bonus points for your qualifying events such as meetings, weddings, conferences, and other group events even if your guest is paying.

Why you should join this program?

The program provides you with a big flexibility to make you able to stay almost anywhere. It is because the program has more than 4,700 Marriot Brand Hotels and they are available in over 92 countries. Even though you are staying in the brand’s hotels, still you have a few locations to choose from. For every $1 you spent at the Marriot brand hotels, you will be able to earn 5 to 10 points. Besides, you can earn 10 points for most locations. For a few Marriot Brand Hotels, you will get 5 points. It is also possible to earn 50,000 points if you recommend it to your friend.

When your points are enough, you can redeem the point to get hotel stays. To get a free night’s stay, it is important to redeem 7,500 points. That is also enough if you have a PointSavers reward of about 6,000 points. If you are ready to join this program, you can learn how to redeem your points here ( Eventually, you can use your points for gift cards, spa gift cards, dining gift cards, merchandise, and experiences including sports events.

Wyndham Rewards

If you are a member of Wyndham Rewards, it makes you get 10 points per dollar you have spent or 1,000 points. If you can reach 15,000 points, it is time to redeem your point to get a free night’s stay at a brand’s hotel.

This program offers up to 8,000 hotels with few choices so you can stay in your favorite hotel for free nights. In addition, you can redeem some points for other stuff such as experiences, gift cards, and merchandise.

In addition, the program offers different levels of memberships. If you stay more, you will get more benefits such as late checkout, and early checkouts. In addition, they will give you 3,000 points for the last two tiers at the Platinum level and even 6,000 points for the Diamond level.

Starwood Preferred Guest

Next, you can try to find the best way to get free hotel vouchers online by joining this program. They offer more than 1,500 resorts and hotels. Eventually, they have a loyalty program. Unlike other programs, they only offer a few levels of membership. If you stay at the brand’s hotel, you can move up through the membership tiers. The points to earn depend on your membership level which can be 2-4 Star points.

If you only have 2,000 points, you can use it to get free stays. On the other hand, it may need 20,000 plus points to get the same free stays. If you redeem 4 free nights, you may get the free night for the fifth.

In addition, this program offers other benefits and your membership status will determine the benefits below:

  • Free internet
  • Late checkout by request
  • Guaranteed room availability
  • Enhanced room checkout
  • Enjoy executive-level lounge privileges and club

Choice Privileges

For every $1 you have spent at the brand’s hotel, you will earn 10 points in this program. Besides, it is possible to get 10 points per $1 for vacation rental stays at a cabin, condo, home, or villa. If you got 6,000 to 35,000 points, you can redeem the points for free nights. There are more than 6,300 hotels available for this program in worldwide and plenty of locations are available to choose from.

Best Western Rewards

Also, you can try this program as the best way how to get free hotel vouchers online with different levels of memberships. The more often you stay at their hotel, the more points that will move up tiers.

Join for the first time will also make you get 10 points per $1 you have spent in this hotel. Besides, you can get 10%, even 50% of the bonus points for each of your stay as you move up. Other benefits to offer after the first tier are access to get room upgrades and an exclusive reservation line. You can get a free night’s stay after redeeming your points from 8,000 to 36,000 points. Again, it depends on the property’s location and type.

Best Western is available with more than 4,200 hotels you can reach in more than 100 countries. You can choose the best option to stay in their hotel.

Hilton Honors

Join this program as the answer on how to get free hotel vouchers online to earn points for every dollar you have spent. There are a few levels of different memberships. When you join them for the first time, you are at the first tier and you will get 10 points for each of $1 you spend.

When you are ready for the next membership tier, you will get 12 to 20 points for each of $1 you spend. Once the points are enough, you can redeem your points on experiences, purchases, dining, concerts, and free nights. The rule is to have at least 5,000 points to redeem your points for the free night’s stay.

World of Hyatt

This loyalty program is available if you are a member with 5 points to earn for each of your $1 to spend at their hotel. You will get free nights if you redeem your points at least 5,000 points. In addition, the program has membership tiers and when you move up through them, you will get extra benefits such as free internet, room upgrades, late checkout, and a member-only reservation line is available.

IHG Rewards

The InterContinental Hotels Group or IHG has been operating over 5,000 hotels and these are available in 100 countries, even more. Their popular brands are Candlewood Suites and Crowne Plaza.

If you become a member of the hotel, you will get 5 to 10 points per dollar you have spent at their hotel. In addition, you can redeem your points for games, shopping, dining, gift cards, and books. Besides, you can redeem your points to get free nights with at least 10,000 points.

Le Club AccorHotels

There are 5,000 hotels they have in 100 countries. Therefore, it offers a large selection of locations to meet your needs. If you become a member of their loyalty program, you will get points at any time you spend 10 Euros. This way will make you get from five to 44 points and five to 25 status points. You will get a free stay if you have redeemed 2,000 points minimum.

Radisson Rewards

The hotel group has 1,100 properties worldwide. When you stay at one of their hotels, you have to join their program as one of the ways how to get free hotel vouchers online. If you become a member of the hotel, you will get 35 points for the $1 you have spent during your stay. In addition, it is possible to get points on beverages on food. After that, you can redeem the points for a free night’s stay by redeeming at least 9,000 points.

La Quinta Returns

There are 800 plus hotels waiting for your visits and you will earn points. If you spend every dollar during your stay in their hotels, you will get 10 points. After that, you can redeem your points starting from 6,000 points for a free night’s stay. Other benefits of redeeming your points are late check-out by request and express check-in.

The more you stay at their hotels, the more you will move up to the higher membership levels. If you stay 10 nights, for example, you will get the Gold level and they will give you a 20% bonus.

Other benefits are available such as bonus points, free snacks, free bottled water, free room upgrades, and better availability for the free stays.

How To Get Free Vouchers Online From Mystery Shopping Companies

In fact, there is a lot of company out there that spend some money on people’s travel expenses such as accommodations, apartments, and hotels. We call it the mystery shopping companies.

You may think that mystery shopping is associated with grocery stores. Nevertheless, this chance is available for most companies from restaurants and even hotels. On the other hand, many hotels need mystery shoppers. Their goal is to improve their services and accommodations.

What the mystery shopper does is gather data, give feedback on their customer service, and do online surveys. Nevertheless, it is not an easy way to get free stays because you have to provide your feedback and it is more than just a vacation.

Coyle Hospitality and BestMark are the ways how to get free hotel vouchers online because they offer mystery shopping jobs.

Nevertheless, it is always important to be selective and careful when you look for these opportunities. It is because the scam is possible out there. In some cases, it is possible if you receive a check for more than you are owed and they will ask you to wire the remaining back to them. This can be a big issue for you. You can learn first about it on USA Today before starting this job.

How To Get Free Hotel Vouchers Online By Checking Hotel Rate

Use Best Rate Guarantees from hotels as the best way to get the best rate for your stay. Even though many hotels use their third-party websites to offer rooms, they surely want you to book their rooms directly. Therefore, they provide the Best Rate Guarantee so you will get the best price when you book with them.  Nevertheless, in some conditions, hotels do not offer the cheapest price on their websites. As travelers, you may check for better deals through third-party websites.

Choice Hotels offers a low rate with a free night for international guests. Meanwhile, IHG Hotels provides the benefit of the Best Price Guarantee through membership.

Finally, there are many sources you can use to get free hotel vouchers online. The popular organizations above are examples when people are gathering to support each other. Therefore, you should not let your family live in the street. If you can meet their requirement, there should be no problems at all.

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