Navajo Nation Scholarship

Navajo Nation scholarship – To have a better future, we need to have courage, skills, determination, knowledge, and other equipments to overcome obstacles standing in our way. Some people have no problem with facing obstacles to get better future. With everything they have, they fight and conquer all the obstacles and eventually fulfill their expectations. In the meantime, there are some people who fail to make their mark because they do not have the equipments and characteristic needed to be a successful person.

Well, it does not matter what kind of equipments you brought to put all the obstacles away, one thing we should know that to become a successful person in the future, we need education. Yes, education is the key factor to success. It gives us chance to have better future, and everyone, which includes Native American, deserves the same chance to have better future. This scholarship can be the golden ticket for Navajo people to catch their dream of higher education level.

The main objective of awarding this scholarship is to develop Navajo Nation by improving the education level of Navajo people. Soon after they graduate, they have pledged to return to Navajo Nation and share everything they got during their school time to the other Navajo people through activities or works.

If you are interested to take part of the competition, below shared information about how to obtain Navajo Nation Scholarship, read them thoroughly so that you can have chance to win the scholarship offered.

Navajo Nation scholarship and Financial Assistance

Requirements to Apply Navajo Nation scholarship

For full time students who want to apply for the scholarship, they must fulfill all the requirements below.

  • Certified of Indian by showing certificate of Indian Blood – you need to send it to the agency’s Vital Records office
  • Financial need analysis, which you need to send it to College Financial Aid Office
  • Include the letter of admission as well as the student consent to release your information to your ONNFSA application
  • Send both ONNFSA full time application and the official high school transcript of yours to the scholarship office of the agency
  • Keep your ONNFSA checklist full time

For the part time students interested to apply the scholarship, fulfill the requirements below so that your application will be considered.

  • Hand over the certificate of Indian Blood
  • Financial need analysis
  • ONNFSA checklist part time
  • ONNFSA part time application
  • Just the same as the full time students do when applying for scholarship, the part time students also need to send the student consent to release your information along with your ONNFSA application.

Before applying the scholarship, it is recommended for the applicant to complete the FAFSA first. Keep all the copies of documents for future usage and your standard minimum GPA required.

Navajo Nation scholarship Programs

We can also try to apply the Navajo Nation scholarship through online method:

With this scholarship, opens chance to Navajo people to have better future.



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