Letter Requesting Financial Assistance for Education: The Guide

Letter Requesting Financial Assistance for Education – Writing a formal letter is something that many students may find difficult. It is because they almost never, or perhaps rarely, use it. However, whenever they begin their college, university, or other higher academic institutions, a formal letter is something common to deal with. In the certain situation they have to communicate or make an appeal to important persons through the letter.

One of the situations is when ones are about to request for financial aid tuition. You may be able to communicate your situation directly to the related office or department to which you request for the financial assistance. Still, in some cases, you are required to write a letter requesting financial assistance for education.

Before writing a letter requesting financial assistance for school, you need a certain format, the professional one. Then you might directly browse sample letter requesting for financial assistance for education. It might take little a while to look for the suitable template for your letter. Therefore, don’t bother; here is the excellent template you can follow. The following sample letter requesting financial aid for education is adapted from Free Scholarship Templates on collegescholarships.org.


Sample Letter Asking for Financial Assistance for Education

Name of admission administrator
Name of Organization
Street Address
City, State Zip-code

Dear Ms. / Mr. (last name),

I am very interested in Young Socio-Leader Scholarship (name of scholarship) program or any other financial assistance opportunities available for undergraduate student.

I feel I am qualified candidate for this scholarship because I am able to maintain a 3.70 GPA for two semesters. I am a chief of student organization at my school. I take part in a debate team, and last semester my team and I won the debate competition. Next semester, I am going to be sent as the representative debater to the state competition. Currently, I am also a volunteer in Teaching English for Community. I teach English to homeless immigrants voluntarily for eight hours a week.

Please send me the appropriate application forms, submission deadlines, and any other information necessary to completing a proper application with/for Young Socio-Leader Scholarship.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Your Name
Phone Number
Email Address

Start Writing on Your Own Letter

Firstly, before writing your letter, you have to make sure you have the updated contact and address information of recipient or the administrator of admission at the organization you request. Begin with appropriate salutation as given on the sample letter requesting financial assistance tuition above. The first paragraph should be the opening sentence; you should write down the name of scholarship program you apply.

Secondly, in the second paragraph briefly explain your qualities as a potential candidate for the scholarship. Put the relevant activities that meet the qualification of the scholarship. Stay humble in delivering your achievement. In the last paragraph, you can ask the administrator to send the application forms and other information you need. Close your letter by thanking and stating that you look forward to hearing from her/him. Lastly, put your address, phone number, and email address to which you can be reached. You can adjust the sample letter requesting financial aid for education above to your own situation. Be humble, concise, and optimistic.


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  • Image: writemyessayonline.com