These 8 Simplest Tips Are Helpful For Charitable Wedding

Charitable Wedding – In all over the world, the biggest expense in life is a wedding. We spend the rest of our savings just to make sure that all the celebration is perfect. According to the report of The Knot, there were about 16,000 wedding parties in the U.S. in 2014. The average cost of these weddings were more than $31. Even only for the wedding dress, people spent $1,357.

It sounds interesting that you can make your wedding better by having a charity after or before the event. If you want to try, we provide you the eight tips to make your wedding charitable as below.


Eight Tips to Make Your Wedding Charitable

  1. The Wedding Shower

Start everything from the wedding shower. For example, you can ask all the wedding shower guests to come with canned goods. They are going to donate these goods to your local food bank. If you have no idea about the nearest food bank, you can use FeedingAmerica.Org to search. Besides, you should make sure that all guests know about the food items that are helpful to the food banks. Therefore, you should check the list of food items first.

  1. Going With The Nonprofit Venue

There is nothing better than having a nonprofit venue for your wedding. It is possible for you to have a wedding in the lovely spaces. For example, you can go to historical sites or museums. In addition, there are many organizations available for catering services. Here, you are spending money for a good cause. If you want to have something to entertain your guests at the reception, you can ask performers, especially from a cultural organization.

  1. Start Charitable Wedding Registry

The I Do Foundation can be an example to start your charitable wedding registry. After that, you can ask your guests to give their donations to the favorite charities, instead of giving you a gift that you do not even need. However, if you are still accepting gifts, you can resell them at eBay For Charity. The percentage of the sale helps you to start your charity based on your choice.

  1. No Pre-Wedding Events, Volunteering Please

Forget about having a pre-wedding event. What you can do with your guests and bridesmaids is volunteering as a group. For example, you are volunteering to help construct a house by registering in Habitat for Humanity. Alternatively, you can go to the Salvation Army to serve a meal. The Salvation Army also offers you to pick up trash at the public area, such as a beach. VolunteerMatch.Org can be the source to get more ideas.

  1. Donate Your Wedding Gown

Brides Across America can be the best place to donate your wedding gown. This organization provides the second gown to the military brides. It is possible for bridesmaids to donate their dresses to someone so it can be useful as a prom dress. To do so, check the availability of charities that accept dresses in your local area. Alternatively, you can use DonationTown.Org as the online portal to find the nearest place for donating the dress.

  1. No Honeymoon, Get Volunteer Opportunity

It is better to have Voluntourism to do some good. For example, you can start combining volunteering and travel to get more ideas. This article provides you a list of websites to find the ideal destination. Alternatively, you can try to have volunteer vacations in some of the most beautiful spots in America by visiting the American Hiking Society.

  1. Donate Frequent Flyer Miles

If you had some frequent flyer miles for your family on your destination wedding or had it on your honeymoon, it sounds good to donate it. To donate, you can join HeroMiles. They will use your donation to support the families of wounded warriors. In addition, you can check these airlines about giving miles in their policies.

  1. Wedding Shopping To Do Some Good

It is possible for you to give back when you shop. There are some available shopping sites such as GoodShop and AmazonSmile. There are available with thousands of merchants as well as savings coupons. To do so, you should pick a charity and you can easily know that the percentage of your expenditure is helpful to a good cause. Simply, pick the charity and then go shopping. On these sites, they allow you to change the charity as often as you want to help other people and do some good.

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