Housing Assistance for Paying Your Rent – Government Grants for Felons!

Housing Assistance for Paying Your Rent. It is often hard for most prisoners to pay their rent as they don’t have any income source. Therefore, there are many government grants for felons that assist them in paying their necessary expenses. Find out complete information about these grants!

Many ex-criminals find it challenging to pay the rent and are forced to become homeless. Ending up on the streets can often lead them back to a life of crime, so the Government as well as the society needs to offer them emergency help with short-term rent payments, emergency housing, and homelessness prevention.

If you are a felon and having trouble making your rent payments and have received an eviction notice from your landlord, it is time to be proactive and seek help paying your rent.

Let’s explore the various resources and organizations you can get in touch, so you don’t end up on the streets!


List of Housing Assistance for Paying Your Rent –

State-Funded Rental Assistance Programs

Each state, across the United States, operates a program that is for helping distressed tenants avoid eviction by covering their security deposit, 1-2 month rent, utility bills, moving costs, and other housing expenses. They serve low-income families who are at risk of becoming homeless or are no longer homeless.

Each program has set certain limits for the financial assistance that they provide to a family in a year (12-month period). To know more about these programs, you can visit www.rentassistance.us and gather information about all local agencies that can help you cope with your rent and housing expenses.

Salvation Army Emergency Assistance and Homeless Prevention

Apart from the government grants for felons, the Salvation Army is the best source of assistance that helps people who are in need. This nationwide organization, with local branches located across the United States, offers short-term loans in the event of a housing emergency. They aim to prevent homelessness and can cover up to 1 month’s rent for eligible applicants. In addition to rent payments, the Salvation Army can also help with the following:

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Heating and other utility bills
  • Medical bills
  • Transportation assistance

Call on 773.205.3520 for their assistance or find a local branch near you.

Catholic Charities USA

Did you know that Catholic Charities is one of the largest affordable housing providers in the United States? No, right?

The organization’s goal is to completely exterminate homelessness. Till now, Catholic Charities have built 35,000 affordable housing units in several parts of the country.

Catholic Charities also offer emergency relocation services for individuals who have just become homeless. They have 11,000 housing beds for people who were previously homeless.

To know about Catholic Charities, contact your local branch for housing assistance.


211.org is a national organization and hotline that serves people experiencing various types of emergencies. Their service also includes the housing crisis.

Every year, 211 helps more than 4 million callers with emergency housing and short-term financial assistance to pay their rent. They do not discriminate against anyone, including people with a felony conviction.

When you call them, a trained expert will be assigned to quickly assist you in finding local nonprofit organizations that handle emergency housing so that you and your family don’t end up on the street.

Dial 211 for free and get the help you need now. Also, keep in mind that all these calls made to the hotline are 100% confidential.


If you are a female offender and also a single mother, then singlemothergrants.org is the most appropriate organization for you to seek help from!

It is an excellent resource that can help you pay your rent, food stamps, housing, medical bills, childcare, transportation, and more. They list various government, private, and nonprofit organizations that specifically offer financial aid as well as loans to single mothers. You can search for their website on the internet for programs.

Modest Needs Self Sufficiency Grant

Modestneeds.org is a renowned nonprofit organization that helps low-income people meet unexpected emergency expenses, including rent payments.

If you want to apply for a self-sufficiency grant, at least one household member must be legally employed. Also, you need to show valid proof of income. You can fill up your application for housing assistance directly on their website.

Please note that this short-term loan is only for a real emergency and will NOT be paid directly to the applicant. For example, if you are requesting rental assistance, Modest Needs will write the check to your landlord, and not to you directly.

Local churches

There are many local churches that distribute their funds to people who are in need. They often have funds allocated to help individuals with emergency rental assistance. It is a good choice to enter the local churches and explain your situation as they might provide you with some assistance.

It is best if you have family and friends as church members who can vouch that you are reliable and will not spend this money on useless stuff. If you don’t know anyone who regularly attends church, try to have some letters of reference, such as those from an employer or a probation officer, etc.

Request a Section 8 Coupon

If you belong from a low-income family and meet the eligibility criteria, it is a smart choice to apply for a Section 8 Housing Voucher. It is a government subsidy that will allow you to have a much lower rent compared to the standard rental prices in your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that obtaining Section 8 can take years, so do not consider it as an emergency solution. Also, skip this option if you are facing a housing crisis right now. However, it is an excellent long-term housing opportunity, and you should definitely take advantage of it.

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The conclusion –

The above-mentioned Government, as well as non-government grants for felons, are the best way to help ex-convicts provide a safe and secure stay.

Support our community by sharing these organizations and programs that help pay rent or find affordable housing with people who are in need!