6 Most Recommended Brownsville Animal Shelter To Adopt Pet

Brownsville animal shelter is available in many options. The animal shelter can be the local pound for you. Otherwise, the government is the owner. Well, not all founders of the shelters are the tax-payer money. Generally, the animal shelter is the place to surrender or bring in animals. This happens when you or the previous owners cannot take care of them anymore. If you find pets on the streets and you cannot take care of them, you can bring them to the animal shelter.

The common problem of most animal shelters, including Brownsville animal shelter, is when it is getting full. The animal shelters take all animals. They may have the problem to keep all of them. Therefore, they have no options. They have to euthanize the animals, instead of set them loose. Of course, it is not their willingness to do this, especially for the community and the homeless animal.


List of Brownsville Animal Shelter

So, if you live in Brownsville and you need to find some animal shelters, we have collected some information below. We hope this can help you a little!

1. Brownsville Animal Regulation & Care Center


  • 416 Fm 511
  • Brownsville, TX 78575
  • Contact: 956-544-7351

This is one of Brownsville animal shelter and care centers with a commitment to improving your life quality. Besides, you can be their member and become part of the community. There, you can adopt homeless animals. If you want to adopt a dog, you can take the package for $99.00 with the including service:

  • City License with a tag included
  • De-worming for the intestinal parasites for 1st dose
  • Distemper
  • Heartworm tested
  • Microchip with a tag included
  • Physical examination
  • Rabies Vaccination with a tag included
  • Spay
  • Flea or tick prevention, 1st dosage
  • Heartworm prevention, 1st dosage


They are also available for adopting a cat at the same cost. In case you need animal control help, you can call 956-548-7000. Brownsville Animal Control is ready to help. It is a division under the Brownsville Police Department.


Contact: bspca78520@gmail.com

This is a Brownsville animal shelter that encourages you to become a foster. Their mission is to rescue more pets. When you decide to adopt the pets in this place, you take a wonderful service. The pets here live with some fosters to evaluate each pet. So, you can adapt based on your lifestyle. You can choose a medium-energy exercise dog to help you lose weight.

They provide you with a special page to adopt a dog or cat. In the summer, you can contact them at 956-572-7732. It is good to make a free and private appointment first to meet the animals you want. If you have an interest in the adoption, you should fill out the form and bring it.

Besides, the cost of adopting dogs or puppies is $110. Meanwhile, you need $65 to adopt cats or kittens. They include some services like treatment, vet examination, vaccinations, and spaying.

3. Adopt A Pet.Com

  • Address: 416 FM 511, Olmito, TX 78575
  • Contact: (956) 544-7351
  • Website: http://cob.us/barcc
  • Email: barc@cob.us

If you are in Olmito, Texas, this Brownsville animal shelter can be a good way to find a new pet. You should not buy animals if you can adopt them. Adopting a dog or a cat helps saving lives. They serve adopters in the city of Brownsville and the nearest areas. They also have an open-admission shelter to find forever homes for their homeless pets.

The adoption process in this Brownsville animal shelter is so simple. First, come to their shelter and find the best animal for you to adopt. After that, you just need to do the application. Once they have approved the application, you should read and sign the adaptation contract. Next, they will bring you to the clinic to do the adoption packages. The fee for the package is %96 with all included services. They include spaying and neutering, rabies tag, city license tag, and others.

4. Brownsville Animal Defense


  • 1225 N Expressway 77/83, #150A
  • Brownsville, TX 78520

This Brownsville animal shelter is a non-profit organization. They have a goal to rescue dogs in Brownsville. They do this mission also in Rio Grande Valley.

What they do to rescue animals is to find fosters for all dogs. Moreover, they want to help these animals to find them forever at home. This organization has an adoption showcase and monthly meeting. If you want to see their available dogs to adopt, you should go there every Saturday and Sunday. They will start the showcase from 12 pm to 5 pm.

On the other hand, you can join their monthly meeting. They do it on the second Friday of each month. The meeting will start at 6.30 p.m. This is a public meeting so everyone can join. The meeting is always in Lotus Café, 2489 Boca Chica Blvd, Brownsville, Texas.

5. Haywood County


  • 217 S. Russell Street
  • Brownsville, TN 38012
  • Contact:
  • 731-772-2908
  • 731-772-1212

They are available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

If you want to visit the shelter on Saturday, this place is open at 8 am to noon.

Brownsville animal shelter, Haywood County has 18 pens and 3 large runs. The supervisor of this shelter is the Brownsville Police Department. In the shelter, each animal gets ample food, water, and a clean environment.

This shelter is also available to offer an adoption program. Of course, you can do that if you are qualified applicants. First, you should fill out the application. After that, you need to pay for $20. The last thing to do is to sign an agreement. Once you have signed, they will spay or neuter the pet you want.

Brownsville animal shelter Haywood County Human Society has been working together with the local animal shelter. They have been doing a relationship since 1999. The society members gather donations. They use the donation for products, fencing, medicine, and animal care. They also support the citizens to deal with lost and surrendered dogs or cats in the shelter.

6. Save A Rescue

Save A rescue can be your last choice. You can call (888) 440-6467. It is the largest rescue resource for dogs and cats. There are more than 110,000 adoptable pets. Simply, enter the zip or postal code to start your search.

They are working with American Red Cross, Pilots ‘n’ Paws, and The Humane Society of The United States.

Brownsville Animal Shelter – The Pros and Cons

When it comes to animal shelters, here are the pros and cons.

The pros:

  1. Animals in the shelter make you able to choose the right animals to adopt.
  2. The adoption process is usually shorter. You only need fewer requirements compared to the animal to adopt in animal rescue. Each animal shelter may have different requirements. Therefore, it is better to do research first.
  3. The easier way to interact with the future pet is an animal shelter. Some of them provide a meeting area. Otherwise, they have a playroom so you can meet and interact with the animals you want to adopt.
  4. Most shelters have minor health treatments like deworming, neutering, and others.

The cons:

  1. Avoid going with Brownsville animal shelter that makes you in a hurry to take your pet to home. Please note that most shelters have limited space. They always need new space to help other animals.
  2. You do not know about the history of each animal in the shelter.
  3. Staff and volunteers in most shelters have no enough knowledge of whether the animal is a good fit or not with you.
  4. If you go with a private Brownsville animal shelter, you may deal with a lot of requirements. There may be a lot of fees to pay before taking the pet to your home.
  5. Shelter animals can be a scary place for all animals that are not getting used to a confined space with others. Therefore, it can take time to find a great pet.


Those are all things you should know when it comes to Brownsville animal shelter. If you adopt a pet in an animal shelter, you are doing something great. You are helping a new pet to get a new place in the shelter. Also, we hope that your home can be a place forever for your adopted pet. Even if it takes time to find the best shelter, your little research worth the time.

For those who give up on their pet, an animal shelter is a nice choice. If you cannot bring your pet to an animal shelter, please do not leave her on the street. In addition, this is inhuman. In our opinion, you even do not want to get any treatment like this. It hurts you. Besides, it is very evil. Therefore, you can do something like giving the pet to your friends, family, or neighbors. At this point, we also remind you that if you think you want to adopt a pet, make sure you have calculated your budget. In fact, having a pet means you need to know that your budget is enough for its expense. For example, you have to buy her food, her medicines, her regular medical checkup, and fees for the vet.

Hopefully, you always consider everything before adopting a new pet from a shelter. Make sure that you think you are good enough to be her new friend for her lifetime.

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