Pets in the Classroom Grant

Pets in the Classroom Grant – Having pets in the classroom serves various purposes. The pets can be a unique teaching material for the class or an interesting assignment. For example, teacher can start a presentation assignment with the focus on the pet. However, the most important aspect of having pets in the classroom is to encourage the students to be calm. Moreover, they can learn how to be compassionate, responsible and have some empathy.

As you know, empathy is a rare thing in many neighborhoods. But the lack of it arguably causes many behavioral problems. What’s more, there’ve been a lot of studies confirming the positive effect of pet’s involvement during class.

In fact, teachers usually find it hard to provide such great environment for the kids. As you know, most teachers have limited funds and having pets will only increase the expenses. Typically, the school management will not support these expenses since the school budget is also quite limited.

It is often that the teachers have to dig their own pocket to cover the cost of the food, the animal, the bedding, the aquariums, etc. Therefore, the existence of grants for pets in the classroom is important. This time around we’re going to tell you about several of them.


Available Sources for Pets in the Classroom Grant

While it is true that there’s no currently a government program that is aimed specifically to provide funding for pets in the classroom classes. But there are other sources available, mostly from various organizations or even pet stores. Below are some of the example you can try:

Pets in the Classroom

The Pets in the Classroom program is provided by the Pet Care Trust, a nonprofit organization that has a good reputation in helping many classrooms across the United States. Moreover, the main objective of this grant program is to allow children to interact with pets by providing financial aid for the teachers for the pets. Usually, pets in the classroom program support small animals.


Petco Store supports and acknowledges the importance of classroom pets by providing grants which purpose is to ensure the pets’ safety and welfare. They don’t allow the grant to be used for research or experiments. Usually, there are several types of animals supported, including small animals, some snakes, and freshwater fish. More information about the grant can be found in the local Petco Pet Store available in your area. Teachers may renew the grant to support the current pet or buy a new pet.


Similar to the Petco grant for classroom pet, the PetSmart store is also providing grants that can help teachers to provide aquarium or pets in their classroom. Eligible classes are from Pre-K to 8th Grade classes. The grant is beneficial for purchasing a pet and/or providing care for them. You can try to obtain for their grants directly from their website. Eligible teachers approved for the program and get coupons. They can use these coupons to purchase a live pet with a low price and prepare the habitat for the pet.

There are many other organizations and companies that can assist you with your search for funding for pets in the classroom project. If you need to find local organizations that may be able to help, simply do a google search with the keyword and the state/county you’re living in.


Teachers serve as pivotal figures in molding the minds and futures of their students, continuously striving for innovative methods to captivate and motivate them. Moreover, The Pets in the Classroom Grant Program presents teachers with a distinctive avenue to bolster their educational endeavors. By offering grants for classroom pets, the program cultivates an environment teeming with opportunities for learning, compassion, and enthusiasm.

FAQ about Pets in the Classroom Grant

Here are some popular questions about pets in the classroom grant:

What does Pets in the Classroom refer to?

Pets in the Classroom is a grant initiative aimed at supporting pre-kindergarten through 9th-grade teachers, whether in private or public schools, by providing funding for classroom pets and related supplies. This program offers an initial grant to assist with the purchase of the pet and its necessary supplies.

Additionally, teachers can receive sustaining grants each subsequent school year to help cover the ongoing expenses associated with caring for the classroom pet. Through Pets in the Classroom, educators can enrich their students’ learning experiences by integrating pets into their curriculum while fostering responsibility and empathy among students.

What purpose does the Pets in the Classroom grant program serve?

The Pets in the Classroom grant program aims to assist teachers in enriching students’ educational and personal growth through the inclusion of pets in classroom activities. Recognizing the significant role that classroom pets play as teaching aids, the program addresses the limited resources available to teachers for acquiring and caring for classroom pets.

By offering financial support, the program empowers teachers to provide their students with daily interactions with pets. Hence, fostering experiences that can have lasting impacts on their lives.

What are the benefits of Pets in the Classroom program?

Classroom pets, based on some studies, have a strong contribution to students and the overall classroom atmosphere. Interacting with a classroom pet fosters empathy and compassion, and facilitates student responsibility. Besides, it increases student engagement, improves attendance, and develops social skills. Other benefits are it reduces anxiety, enhances students’ self-esteem, decreases disciplinary measures, and improves test and academic performance.

How to support Pets in the Classroom Program?

Supporting Pets in the Classroom involves recognizing the program’s value as a vital resource for teachers. This enables them to establish nurturing and educational settings. Moreover, the influence of pets on students’ social, emotional, and academic growth underscores the significance of initiatives like Pets in the Classroom. By providing grants to teachers, Pets in the Classroom positively impact the lives of countless more children throughout the United States and Canada.


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