Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care

As a pet owner, I am sure that you have done your best to keep your pet healthy. However, sometimes bad things happen and you have to deal with the expensive cost of vet care for your pet. It is often that the expenses are beyond the financial capability of the family; hence financial assistance for veterinary care is often needed.

Many organizations in the United States recognize the importance of giving assistance for people who cannot afford vet care for their pet. As a pet owner myself, I never want to see my pet suffer only because I have no money to get the best care for her. However, there are thousands of pets in the United States are euthanized every year because of the high cost of care. Pet owners come from various backgrounds, including from low-income families. Unexpected high cost often forces these people to make a painful decision to let go of their pet.


List of Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care

Below are some of the organizations in the United States that may be able to help pet owners to cover the veterinary care cost:

AAHA Helping Pets Fund –

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) works together with accredited veterinary clinics to identify pets that need help, including abandoned pets and pets whose owners are facing financial hardships and can’t afford to cover the cost of the veterinary services. Check out their website in our reference section for complete information. –

It’s another nonprofit organization that focuses to help pets whose owners are unable to provide the best care because they have limited funds. This organization works together with veterinary clinics to help these animals. Just like the AAHA, the organization’s funding comes from the generous hands of the donators. Therefore, the help may be limited depending on the available funding.

Cats in Crisis –

This is a non-profit organization that focuses on the welfare of domestic cats and kittens. If you have a cat that needs special medical needs and finds yourself in a tight spot because you can’t afford the veterinary care, you may want to contact them for help. The link to the organization’s website is available in our reference section.

The Pet Fund –

This organization aims to reduce the number of euthanized pet and the number of pets sent to shelters because the owners neglect the medical need of the pet due to the high cost. The organization may be able to help you cover the medical costs that are beyond normal expenses.

Help a Pet

This organization recognizes the advantage of having a pet for senior citizens, physically and mentally challenged people and children from low-income families. As you know, having a pet can improve your mental condition. However, these people often don’t have what it takes to provide medical treatment for their pet. Help a Pet organization will help eligible individuals who are able to show proof that they are from low-income families. The pet owners should try their best to cover the cost, and the organization will help cover the rest of the cost. (Currently, the website is down –

There is much other help available, and you can see the list of organizations that offer grants for veterinary care in the Animal Friend Rescue site.


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